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Clinical Trial in Georgia Seems to Prove Cannabis Oil can Treat Epilepsy


One of the conditions that has parents screaming for legal medical marijuana is epilepsy – and now we have solid research and evidence that CBD oil can be a beneficial way to treat epilepsy. Not that parents haven’t been doing it for years now, but we finally have the data that lawmakers are always asking for.

Earlier this year Georgia passed a law allowing use of cannabis oil to treat sever conditions such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s and cancer – however there was something they left out. They did not specify how patients were supposed to obtain the marijuana oil, let alone where it would be cultivated and how it would be regulated.

So while it is legal for patients and caregivers to possess CBD oil, it is still illegal for them to purchase, transport or cultivate marijuana in its raw or concentrated forms. With nowhere to legally turn to, parents have to make the decision to work through the black market to get their children the medication they need.

This may all change after this year though – a study is being done with the first FDA approved CBD oil Epidiolex. The patients who are a part of the study have shown a drop in the number of seizures over 60% in patients after just 12 weeks of using the oil.

9% of these patients are seizure free now for the first time. With numbers like these, it’s a wonder why we are still in the middle of a federal prohibition! Though we will not get the full results of the study until after December this year, so there is time for those numbers to improve even more!

More than 200 families in Georgia alone have qualified for medical marijuana treatments like this for their children – yet they have no legal access to the medicine they so badly need. I truly hope for these families that Georgia lawmakers take this new research into consideration and quickly, so the children can receive the care they need.

In other states where medicinal marijuana is not available – parents with children suffering from epilepsy may want to consider moving to a 420 friendly state. It seems that the alternative treatment of CBD oil is far more beneficial than most, if not all man made drugs – and children and adults alike seem to respond to it extremely well.

With all this new data though, I would like to think that maybe we could finally work our way to reform on a federal level – at the very least for medicinal marijuana. After all, there is no denying the numbers and there is clearly a medical benefit for these individuals and so many more.

State lines should not keep a person from receiving the medicine they need, ever.