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Amid Racial Tensions, Cannabis Becomes an Olive Branch

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This week, a cannabis expert who goes by the name of DC Scroger posted a video on Facebook that asks the people of Washington, D.C. to come together for a cannabis seed giveaway “unlike anything the city has seen before.”    

“After the week we’ve had, we need to set the example out here of community. This plant is a unifier and healer for all,” said DC Scroger in his video PSA.

His hope is to show how the cannabis can be an olive branch.

The canna-service announcement came around 4 o’clock Monday evening, the same day as a reported gun attack about 100 miles outside of Chicago – two bailiffs shot dead at a courthouse in Saint Joseph, Michigan. No word yet on the details of the attack. Race isn’t being cited as the cause, but it’s another tragic day for the town and law enforcement officials.

“It’s time to give back and show we are unified, and that green cannabis sees no color,” said Scroger, which is also a grow method using screens to get more usable product from an indoor grow.

He aims for the seed and clone share to be an example of unity in a country divided. Recent shootings involving police and the African American community have re-ignited America’s #BlackLivesMatter movement. First, Alton Sterling was shot in a confrontation with police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Then, Philando Castile was shot and killed by police during a traffic stop in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. The suffering wasn’t over – a sniper shot 11 officers, murdering five of them. The officers were caught in the ambush, on duty, during a protest over the recent police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota. The sniper told police he was angry about the deaths of Sterling and Castile.

The DC Cannabis community is already showing signs that the idea will come to fruition. Dozens of locals have already pledged up to two-thousand seeds, clones, volunteers to help with the give-away, as well as the Local DC Women Grow chapter co-chair offering her help in organizing the event.

This wouldn’t be D.C.’s first seed share, the last one was in front of The White House and two other successful seed and clone shares have already gone off uninterrupted and with great turnout.

DC Scroger rallies the DC Cannabis Community through a Facebook video. COURTESY: DC SCROGER on Facebook

DC Scroger’s call to action is for all four quadrants, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest to organize, and serve as an example of the power of community. “We do share and we do care,” he said before signing off. But please leave the (Spider) mites at home, he warns, because nobody should be sharing that common cannabis pest.