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Best Cannabis Breeders And Seed Banks in 2020

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Exploring the many cannabis seed banks and breeders online, we were overwhelmed with the options available. Upon researching marijuana seeds online and the people behind them, we discovered many talented breeders. One valuable lesson learned was not all seed banks had a great reputation. Then, there were your 420 seed banks which have earned an outstanding reputation with their customers feedback left for them online. It takes time reading through the backgrounds of marijuana breeders and the strains they’ve created. 

In this article, we are going to look at what we believe is the best place to buy cannabis seeds online. We want to encourage our readers to do their own research before buying marijuana seeds online. Buying poor genetics can lead to failed gemernation and a waste of money. It’s also very important to buy from a seed bank that won’t take forever to send the goods.  

Good Marijauna Breeders Are Known For The Strains They Created

The best cannabis breeders have distinguished themselves with trendy strain names and out of this world looking bud. The Wedding Cake genetics won the Cannabis Cup in 2019, and took home 1st place for top shelf bud. Although it was by different cultivars, its genetics are a cross of Cookie Dough and Cherry OG. Imagine the sweet flavors from these two cannabis strains combined, and you have for yourself the Wedding Cake strain.

Cannarado Genetics 


Another cannabis breeder that we recommend is Cannarado genetics. This cultivator has an impressive 85,000 instagram followers for a reason. Some of the following exotic genetics from this breeder include:

  • Sundae Float
  • Meat Pie
  • Twins
  • Birthday Banger
  • Papusas
  • Birthday Cake
  • And more.

Best Cannabis Seed Bank In 2020


The Seed-city.com seed bank has close to 6,000 seeds available for sale. They make it easy to learn about each type of marijuana seed for sale and its genetics too. They also have a really useful search tool that allows you to find any specific type of genetics. So, you’re looking for the best marijuana strains to grow depending on potency and yield? It’s possible to search for marijuana seeds that are going to provide big yields or High THC.

420 Seed Bank That Ships Worldwide 

Do not worry if your somewhere cannabis cultivation is not legalized, because Seed-city.com will discreetly mail out cannabis seeds and do so fast. They sell their pot seeds as souvenirs only, and do not take any responsibility for what their customers do with them after receiving. Do not be fooled by their outdated web design because their feedback online is outstanding.

High Times Cannabis Cup Seeds 

Buying High Times seeds means you’re getting premium genetics that have proven themselves by winning. The Seed City marijuana seed bank has a big selection of tournament winning strains. There really is a vast selection of cannabis cup winning seeds available that it makes it time consuming just going through them. However, again using their useful searching tool helps to separate the type of marijuana genetics you’re after. 

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to reflect the specific views of the publication.