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Best Place For Marijuana News is IHL

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Discover a place that’s organized by professional stoners sharing insights on the cannabis industry from all over the world; this website is internationalhighlife.com. Find stories about anything that has to do with the cannabis plant globally. They have writers from all over, so you can have reports from people where cannabis is making news. Find marijuana news coming out of California, Texas, Canada, United Kingdom, and everywhere. Read reports about the latest strains and stories before they even hit the mainstream media news.

International High Life has an astonishing 3 million Facebook followers. Become a part of their friends and participate in the community with comments on popular cannabis news. Experience a closer look at the most reliable cannabis brands and products.

Cannabis News By Users


Now you have a place to read all about the latest cannabis products trending and reviews on them, and find out if they are all hype or recommended. Find stories that shed light on marijuana products that can be dangerous, and stay up-to-date with any brands that are not safe. There have been class action lawsuits against pot companies, such as with the company Brass Knuckles Vape, who failed to protect their customers from vaping cannabis oil with dangerous amounts of pesticides. This type of awareness can help protect customers from counterfeit marijuana products, too.

As new products come onto the market, users may have questions about the different technology that is developed. IHL is a go-to source for debunking any new product myths and offering extensive explanations of products as they hit the market. This empowers readers to feel confident in the products that they are trying for the first time. 

Federal Marijuana News

Stay current with all of the federal cannabis laws that are frequently getting challenged to change. Also covered are the state laws, as more continue to legalize cannabis for recreational use. There is a constant battle to try and overturn the federal law against marijauna, and you can stay up-to-date by following their Facebook. You can stay in the loop with all of the Biden admiststrations’ decisions on marijuana, too. The process to legalization is a long and extensive one that involves many facets of the United States government, such as the Office of the President, the United States Congress, and the United States Justice System. This complex system is one that can be shrouded in mystery, and IHL takes steps to simplify this process as new developments become apparent. 

Legalization Updates

Stay informed with your state’s marijuana laws as they get closer to legalization. Learn about important voting being done or future upcoming votes you can participate in to help. The cannabis industry is generating a lot of money for the states and countries that have legalized it, causing a growing number of states to put it on ballots during election years. Cannabis lobbyists are also talking to state lawmakers to notify them of the many economic and social benefits that would come with legalizing marijuana use in their state. These numbers are frequently posted as they become reported by credible sources.

News On Trending Cannabis Strains

Get reviews on the most popular and new marijuana strains coming out from California. Learn about their potency, taste, and prices. There is a lot of insight into the backgrounds of many new emerging marijuana companies. As new companies enter the market, customers are quick to inquire as to where the company is located, what type of products they produce, and even how their operation is run. Most new companies lack the credibility that older companies have developed over the years through customer reviews, awards, and article mentions, leaving some hesitant to take a chance on a new company. IHL helps to demystify the backgrounds and practices of new companies to help not only customers make decisions that are best for their experience but also new businesses who are trying to get their name out there in the growing industry. 

Also stay up to date on the huge counterfeit problem that’s affecting the most popular marijuana strains. Unfortunately, there have been major counterfeit problems in places where cannabis has been legalized. Companies that create duplicate cartridges and fake companies that have nearly perfected the creation of faux THC oil are on the rise. The marijuana strains that are being sold in these counterfeit packaging are not clean, and have been proven to have dangerous chemicals that can cause serious health issues. 

Pot Stocks News

Learn about news on cannabis stocks that are making noise and should be under your radar. They do not offer any professional investing invoice, but general information about any marijuana stocks that may be rising in value, or making some big moves. Learn about the most popular stocks for 2021 too.

As many companies and investors anticipate a surge of marijuana legalization all over the world, investing news changes rather quickly. Companies have begun focusing on research, going through lucrative merges, and developing new products. All of these changes can be hard to track and International High Life helps to simplify this news to help readers make educated decisions as they expand their investment portfolios. 

THC Cartridge Reviews 

The cannabis oil vape cartridge is replacing the joint, and there are many reasons why. The first reason is because marijuana oil carts are much faster to get high with and are much more discreet. Cartridge technology has largely remained consistent since its original development but pens and other vaping devices are consistently improving as companies strive to make products more user-friendly. As cartridge pens become sleeker and batteries become smaller and more powerful, IHL reviews these new products as they hit the market, allowing users to be aware of the new tech that could be coming to a dispensary near them soon. 

There have been huge counterfeit problems with THC oil carts because of how easy they are to move into places where it’s illegal, and profit off of substantially. Stay up to date with all of the latest THC carts and the fake brands pretending to be licensed and clean. Fake brands will typically buy empty carts that are available online from distributors, allowing them to fill the cartridge with any substance at their disposal. Though the contents may appear to contain THC oil, it may actually contain products like Vitamin E, a common product found in fake cartridges because of its ability to mimic the viscosity or “thickness” of THC oil. However, products like Vitamin E can be damaging when inhaled, leading to potential respiratory issues if inhaled too frequently. It’s part of the mission of platforms like IHL to protect cannabis users with information and resources to help identify fake brands and counterfeits.

Breaking Pot News

Those who just want to stay in the loop with everything related to cannabis will enjoy visiting IHL on a frequent basis. Learn about all of scientific studies and breakthroughs happening around THC. Also learn all about news happening about all the other cannabinoids from the pot plant. As research and development in the cannabis industry continues to expand, information is becoming readily available frequently, which can leave some readers scrambling to find the latest information. International High Life helps to simplify this process by focusing on the latest, credible research as it becomes available. 

Learn about pot companies who are in trouble for not being honest, and other important information that can help protect you. Companies that pretend to hold a license and comply by regulations are a danger to the cannabis community. By advertising the truth behind these companies, readers are able to be equipped with the knowledge necessary to make educated decisions about the companies they choose to purchase from and keep an eye out for the red flags associated with illegitimate companies. 

Also learn about the huge numbers of sales and tax revenues generated from places where they have legalized marijuana. As states and countries begin to legalize marijuana, the economic benefits are important to monitor. Economic factors help to largely influence future policies, including regulations and taxes, that help to nudge state and federal governments towards legalization. Monitoring economic activity can also be beneficial for investing as some chain dispensaries expand their operations to include new products or establish locations in other states. 

CBD News


Also stay up to date with one of the hottest cannabinoids from cannabis and hemp. There are posts on IHL about CBD studies and their effects for those who are unfamiliar with it. Learn about the latest studies and products around Cannabidiol. Research surrounding cannabis is extensive and can often lead to nearly 100-page documents full of information from studies and years of research. IHL helps to simplify this information, explaining key elements and takeaways that allow this information to be more accessible to readers who hope to learn more about what cannabis has to offer. Also learn about other cannabinoids trending such as delta-8 THC, which is extracted from hemp and sold online legally. These differing cannabinoids can be extremely similar, causing some to wonder what the different impacts are and how it will impact them and their usage. It can be daunting trying to find a reliable CBD product that’s going to have accurate ingredients that are on its label and extensive explanations as to the various effects. IHL explains these differences in detail, allowing readers to make educated purchases. 

There have been a number of CBD companies that have appeared online for sale, and a number of these websites do not have any lab tests. Some companies will publish what they deem to be “lab reports”, some of which are actually not compliant with regulations that prove that their products consistently lack added chemicals or pesticides. This information can be difficult to decipher as these illegitimate companies have taken care to use careful wording and false advertisement to mislead customers, but IHL writers and members of the cannabis community have come together to decipher the hidden meanings behind these reports to communicate with their readers. It’s crucial to understand which are the reputable CBD brands and the effects reported from the people who take them. 

There is no other place to get your 420 news like how IHL delivers it. Find out about new types of cannabis products with close ups and reviews. 


What separates IHL from other places to find your marijuana news is their helpful guides. Some of these guides are part of their breaking news stories on cannabis such as their coverage on the runtz weed brand. Which exposes how people are buying fake packaging of this brand from China, and selling different strains that can potentially be harmful with pesticides. More recently, they released a story on the huge problem with counterfeit THC oil cartridges and made up brands from the black market that are proven to be potentially deadly with dangerous amounts of pesticides, they compiled a top 20 fake carts list for 2021. 

They also have guides for beginner cannabis smokers who are unfamiliar with cannabis such as the weight and prices of it. Also find out which are currently the most popular types of cannabis products, like the best joint rolling machines. A couple great posts on IIHL is their guide on how many grams are in an ounce, and pound. Also find an array of suggestions in the form of many lists made of cannabis products.



Advertising is also available for cannabis and hemp companies trying to gain exposure towards their brands on a platform that’s visited by marijuana smokers world wide. A sponsored post is just one type of advertising option available, which a writer from IHL will provide an insightful story on a marijuana business. Product reviews are also available on accessories or where cannabis is legalized and a writer is available there. Product reviews are always honest and provide insight into products so that readers do not have to go through the process of trial and error with products that they are on the fence about. 

Platforms like International High Life are rooted in a model that more information is better and they could not be more correct. For cannabis users, both new and old, IHL is always able to provide information to guide readers in the right direction and away from products or practices that could be detrimental to their health and experience. By providing well thought-out and researched articles, IHL contributes a great deal of knowledge on the news most relevant to the cannabis community. This empowers readers to make decisions that are best for them and their needs in order to gain the best experience possible when using cannabis products. 

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to reflect the specific views of the publication.