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Magic Mushrooms Safety Advice Beginners Can Rely On

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After cannabis, magic mushrooms have emerged as the next big wellness trend. Many cultures have been using shrooms for centuries, but the recent decriminalization has changed the outlook in Western countries. Consumers are gradually accepting them as a wellness aid, with preliminary studies indicating their therapeutic benefits for mental health issues like depression and substance use. However, beginners have a fair share of apprehension when it comes to shroom safety. Thankfully, a little awareness is all you need to unlock the benefits of magic mushrooms safely. Here is the best shroom safety advice beginners can rely on.

Understand how shrooms work

Since psilocybin is a relatively new term in the wellness circles, knowing psychedelic mushrooms better can make you more confident as a newbie. Magic mushrooms can have varying effects, from opening up your emotions to distorting your perception of place and time. You may feel a mix of creativity, euphoria, and elevated mood. Each experience is subjective, so you cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach. Be mindful and understand what works for you to tailor your future sessions for the better.

Choose a safe set and setting

Having an optimal shroom trip is also about choosing a safe set and setting. Select a place you are comfortable in, preferably your home or a friend’s home. Also, be selective about the people you have around during the session. Experts recommend choosing the company of a seasoned consumer with good experience with shrooms as they can handhold you through the first time. 

Opt for the right product

You cannot overlook the significance of choosing the apt product when it comes to safety with your shroom sessions. Not everyone is comfortable with chewing mushrooms in their natural state. Luckily, you can explore variants like teas and edibles that are easier on your palate. You can go through https://www.magicmushroomsdispensary.ca/product-category/magic-mushrooms/ to check your options. Pick a product you are comfortable with though you can experiment with other alternatives down the line.

Begin with a minimal dose

Another safety essential for a shroom beginner is to start with a minimal dose. Although you may be enthusiastic about your first session, microdosing is perhaps the safest thing to do with shrooms. You can always go bigger with your dose once you develop confidence and understand your tolerance levels. Shrooms are much like cannabis in this context as there is no ideal dose for consumers. You have to determine what works for you with hit and trial. 

Focus on having a good time

Besides prioritizing safety, you must focus on having a good time as a beginner with magic mushrooms. If you follow the basic advice, you are in a good place to ditch the apprehension and pick something you enjoy during your sessions. Have some nutritious snacks at hand, get your favorite playlist ready, and keep a pen and journal handy to give yourself a creative opportunity.

Your first time with magic mushrooms need not be a challenging experience from a safety perspective. Follow these tips to get a smooth start with shrooms.

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