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Vaping On The Go- How To Travel Safely As A Vape Lover

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As cannabis gains legal status in many American states, more and more consumers wish to join the bandwagon sooner than later. Vaping is perhaps the most popular consumption method because it offers instant hits and quick results. Medicinal users can rely on the method for fast relief, while recreational consumers acclaim it for a relaxing high. Once you master the art of vaping, you will probably want to carry your stash and tools everywhere. But vaping on the go entails responsibility, specifically if you travel with your supplies and gear to another destination. Here is some valuable advice to travel safely as a vape lover.

Research your destination 

Vaping on the go can be tricky because cannabis is yet to be legal everywhere in the US. You must research your destination from a legal perspective, whether you plan to travel to a nearby state or abroad. Check the legal status of cannabis and vaping there because getting into trouble with the authorities can ruin your holiday. A little effort in research can save you from big trouble down the line. 

Know the airline and airport rules

Cannabis may be legal at your destination, but you may encounter a problem with the airline and airport authorities. Ensure checking their rules while you are in the research mode. Browsing a few more websites is enough to gather information on factors like the permission to carry your stash and tools, how to pack them, and how to get through the TSA checks. You may even consider stocking up at the destination.

Be discreet

Being discreet is the best piece of advice when it comes to traveling with your vape supplies. A large vaping device is the last thing you want to pack in your luggage, so you must pick a portable option. You can redirect to Mind Vapes to find a powerful yet small device that fits easily into your bag. Yocan vape makes a great option in this context as it packs power into a small size. Likewise, conceal your cannabis well beneath the layers of clothing. Seal it well to prevent the odor from raising suspicion.

Choose a vape-friendly accommodation

You cannot expect to vape openly in a family-friendly resort because the guests may have objections. Pro travelers recommend looking for vape-friendly accommodation. Thankfully, you need not struggle much to find such hotels and resorts in states and countries where cannabis is legal. You can research online and even book a room to prevent last-minute hassles.

Avoid vaping in public

Traveling to a legal destination does not give you the freedom to indulge in public places like parks, museums, and libraries. Remember that you must follow some ethics and unspoken rules as a traveler. The good thing is that you can find designated spaces at airports and public places. You can also check vape-friendly bars and restaurants at your destination, so stick with them.

As a vape lover, you can pack your stash and tools for a holiday, provided you stay on the right side of the law. Follow these simple tips to have a great time while vaping on the go. 

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