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Best Weed Grinders for 2022

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The time rolls on and another year begins to come along around the corner. When this happens, over the course of years there comes advancements, changes, and growth in society. One such growth is in the Marijuana industry. From the attitudes towards toking up, to the market of specialized and high-quality products, the world is readdressing its position on weed. King Palm offers many such premium market-changing items and is leading the industry! These products include top-quality dry herb grinders, rolling trays, carrying tubes, wraps and rolls, lighters, scales, and so much more. 

Whether shopping for tactful and discreet grinding cards or looking for epically trippy and cute grinders, then look no further than King Palm. Here, there are grinders for the smoke-hard professionals, the girly-girl, the trippy hippy smoker, the casual user, the discreet toker, and everyone in between. 

Look Out for These Cool Weed Grinders


Unique, exciting, beautiful, pleasing are just some of the words to describe the Mars Grinder – 6 color collection by King Palm. Giving the greatest sensation of the ultimate outer space vibe, each grinder has a different space-tastic image on the lid. The sleek design leaves the user’s hands feeling out of the world, almost as if touching some rare outer space element. These are made from the highest quality aluminum and are 63mm in size (almost 2.5 inches). 

It continues like this in the varying fashion of ideological and fascinating space situations. This Mars grinder is a place the mind will surely roam after rolling up well-grounded weed from one of these out-of-this-world grinders. Each one is unique making it hard to not want to collect them all. 

King Palm also has a very slick 2 piece extra large grinder. The King Palm XL = Extra Large Grinder will take things to the next level coming in at a nice and handy size bigger than the average palm. At 4 inches wide and 2 inches tall, no weed around will go ungrounded with this sleek beauty. It offers a chunky grind and is made from extremely durable anodized aluminum and coated in ceramic.


For the discreet grinder user, there is the Grinder Card from King Palm. It offers an elegant design and practical use, being the most sturdy and luxurious grinder card on the market. Unlike its cheaper competitors, this card is built to last. It has a variety of functionality options including the ability to slide in a pocket without notice, slicing, grinding, dividing, and scooping weed. It comes with a decorative protective sleeve for safe storing and keeping.

How to Use a 4 Piece Kief Weed Grinder and a 2 Piece Weed Grinder


A kief weed grinder is any 4 pieces of a container that when combined together has 3 chambers made for grinding and harvesting herbs. To begin, put the 4 pieces of the grinder together. Open the lid and place broken nugget pieces inside between the teeth, and close the lid. Hold the grinder securely and begin to twist the top lid in one direction and the whole bottom segment in the opposite direction. Ground weed will then fall into the middle chamber and the build-up of kief over time will deposit itself in the bottom chamber. 

How to use a 2 piece weed grinder is rather simple, especially with the deluxe XL size sold from King Palm. This item offers a smooth and chunky grind. It is used by removing the lid and placing fat little nugs inside and between the grinding pegs. After filling the gaps between these teeth, simply place the lid back on. King Palm XL offers a unique design by adding grooves on the sides of the grinder to make the twisting rotations even easier and smoother. After grinding, merely open it back up and enjoy freshly grounded bud on a King Palm wrap.  

How to Clean Any Weed Grinder

The King Palm Mars Grinder and the metal cannabis grinder both come with a small cleaning brush and scraper utensil. These items can make upkeep and cleaning easier, but cleaning up over the long term may be a bit more complicated. The King Palm non-stick aluminum grinder will help prevent residue build-up but blockages can still occur. This is not too detrimental but using a clean grinder can still be a good thing for ultimate weed saving and usage.

Having a few handy items like a toothpick, a small unused make-up brush, and a new bristle toothbrush will be all that is needed to start the cleaning process. After taking apart the grinder, clean each piece with the toothpick and dust through with the makeup brush. Once all plant matter that can be salvaged is removed, it will be time to take some mildly warm water and the toothbrush and gently scrub it all over the inside. Once all residue is removed, thoroughly let the grinder dry. After it is done drying completely you can get to twisting those teeth on fresh green herb!

Where to Buy a Weed Grinder in 2022

When looking for where or how to buy a good weed grinder, look no further than King Palm! Many orders will qualify for free shipping, with the option to pay for upgraded shipping to have the item arrive quicker. Getting a metal weed grinder has never been easier with prices for the smaller grinders averaging around $30 and the XL grinder going for $45. The King Palm grinder card is an inexpensive addition to any purchase, coming in at just $5. Why not elevate into higher plains with a new grinder? There is just no reason not to enjoy these premium quality goods by King Palm especially with the inclusion of international shipping. Get yours today! 

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