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Canadian Cannabis Company to Build the Most Advanced Production Facility Yet

Flickr @ Rusty Blazenhoff

With legalization pending in Canada it should come as no surprise that medical marijuana companies there are looking to expand, probably in hopes of serving a wider patient basis as the number of registered patients continues to grow or to break into the recreational industry once it opens up. Aurora Cannabis Inc., one of 36 licensed producers in Canada, has recently announced that they will be building an extremely ambitious cannabis growing facility.

“Aurora Sky will prepare the company to meet the rapidly growing medical demand, as well as position us for the soon to be legalized recreational market with the world’s largest and most sophisticated cannabis production facility,” said Neil Belot, Aurora’s Chief Brand Officer. “Our new facility’s location at Edmonton International Airport brings clear competitive advantages, and, we believe, reaffirms the Aurora Standard as the industry benchmark for innovation, leadership, and strategic execution.”

Soon to be built next to Edmonton International Airport will be “Aurora Sky”. The facility is expected to be 800,000 square feet and would produce 100,000 kilograms (over 220,000 pounds) of cannabis each year. The particular location of the facility will come along with specific benefits, including access to a reliable and relatively low-cost power source, and potential for easy access to both air and land transportation, which will be beneficial for bringing in equipment and other supplies, as well as transporting the cannabis.

“This is a pivotal initiative for Leduc County, for Alberta, the Canadian cannabis sector, and the global cannabis industry,” said Terry Booth, CEO. “We are very proud of Aurora Sky.  This is not just because it’s the world’s most advanced cannabis facility envisioned, but it will become an important contributor to the local economy, both through investments and job creation.”

Aurora Cannabis Inc. expects their newest addition to have construction completed by October of next year – which could allow them to be cultivating and perhaps even harvesting their first crops at that location by the end of 2017. Currently there are around 130,000 patients in the medical cannabis system and that number is only continuing to grow. This new facility will not only boost the supply, but it will create jobs and revenue for the airport through the lease with Aurora.