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Cannabis Can Heal Broken Bones Faster

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Among all the great things already on the list of medical conditions that marijuana can improve we can now add one more. In a recent study done in Israel it was found that rats with femoral fractures saw a significant improvement in healing by 8 weeks when treated with CBD (the non-psychoactive chemical in marijuana).

Heals Bones Faster

The test was done both with just CBD and with a combination of CBD and THC and it was found that the results were just about the same – meaning just the non-psychoactive CBD is enough to help heal broken bones.

This is great news for anyone who is all for medical marijuana but are unsure about the side effects of feeling a little buzzed. After all, this is still one of the most controversial issues surrounding marijuana’s use as a medical treatment option.

CBD Can Make Bones Stronger

Another benefit of treating your broken bone with CBD that was found during the study was that the bones were actually healing to be stronger and more resistant to future breaks. This has big potential both in the elderly community and those with conditions that make them frail and prone to fractures and breaks.

Why CBD Makes a Difference

Our bodies already have a naturally occurring endocannabinoid system which helps to regulate many different processes of our body (including some to do with the skeleton). The cannabinoid receptors in our brains are basically “programmed” to recognize the healing and positive effects of cannabinoids regardless of where they initially came from (for example an outside force such as marijuana).

The use of cannabis in healing broken bones is truly a wonderful thing indeed – especially since it can be used with dual purposes both to ensure speedy and proper healing but also as pain relief for those who may need it.

There are several benefits that will come from this in the long run. If medical marijuana is already being prescribed to help speed up and promote healthy healing of a broken bone (especially tough breaks such as the femur) it can also be used as a pain reliever and stress reliever allowing the patient to stay content and promote the most healing possible.

Though there is still much more to study before we know exactly how much CBD can make a difference when healing broken bones there are still pretty solid results to start off with. The list of things marijuana can do will just continue grow the more we finally get to research this miracle plant.