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Strain Review: Blue Dream

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One of the best hybrid strains on the market today, Blue Dream is popular for combining the relaxing body effects of Blueberry Indica with the invigorating cerebral high of Haze Sativa. With its slight sativa dominances, Blue Dream is a medicine that provides patients with powerful healing without too much of that dreaded sedative indica couchlock. The Blue Dream strain is a perfect end-of-work treatment for nausea, migraines, depression or acute pain. Novice and old school cannabis enthusiasts alike will enjoy the pleasantly symmetrical effects of Blue Dream.

Most dispensaries today will list Blue Dream as a sativa due to its strong and energetic cerebral effects, though this might be slightly misleading. Patients also enjoy a strong body effect from the Blueberry indica along with the head rush one would expect to come from a Haze sativa.

When grown right, Blue Dream will smell deliciously fruity with a hint of earthiness. The strain gets its sweet berry aroma from its delicious Blueberry parents.

Blueberry has been around forever, yet there is a good chance that you’ll rarely see it as a standalone strain. Crossed with Haze, however, it becomes a strong pain reliever without the narcotic downer that many people want to avoid. Haze can be way too speedy and mentally engaging at times, especially for the first time cannabis user. The resulting sativa-dominant Blue Dream is one that will stick with you. The vapor or smoke from a Blue Dream strain is smooth and strong, and will leave your pallet coated in fruity, earthy, danky goodness for hours.

Fruity, danky and dense, it would be easy to mistake Blue Dream for straight up Blueberry in a blind smell test. The strain’s sweet and fruity scent screams its way out of its container. But when consumed, there is a lingering piney flavor hidden under the fruity. Reddish hairs are a trademark of the Haze strain, but the overwhelming sparkling, frosty trichome coverage looks kind of like a first frost.

When consumed, Blue Dream delivers instant relief, enjoyment and contentment. Many find Blue Dream to be a great daytime high, suitable for energetic activity, while some prefer to consume the strain right before bedtime. This conundrum is the trademark of a high-quality hybrid strain.

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