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Cannapreneurs: Bud Pubs and Smoking Lounges

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It’s no secret that cannabis connoisseurs have long desired to make the mecca to Amsterdam, where pot laws are rarely enforced on the small level, in order to enjoy cannabis in coffee shops and pubs. In California, medical cannabis clubs and smoking lounges have been taking root here in American soil for quite some time. Cannapreneurs in states like Colorado and Washington are interested in opening legal smoking lounges and “bud pubs” for recreational use. Sites like budpubs.com let people know where these establishments are located, how much they typically charge, what the most popular strains or edibles are, and if there are any events happening in the particular area when they plan to visit.

While California is a long-standing close second, Colorado has surpassed Cali and is currently the undisputed champion of 420 vacations, Bud and Breakfasts and Bud Pubs. Check out our recent article about cannabis accommodations for more information. Cannapreneurs in Washington State would like to see that change, but state and local lawmakers seem to have different ideas in mind.

So what about Washington state? What’s going on there?

Cannabis smoking lounges are explicitly prohibited in Washington State under State House Bill 2136. While the bill does provide Cannabis Businesses with some much needed tax relief, it also makes “operating a business or organization with the primary or incidental purpose of consuming cannabis” a class C felony. In layman’s terms, cannabis lounges are banned in Washington State. The language used in the bill is so broad, that it might be used against pot-friendly accommodations and other establishments in the state. If you’re a cannabis activist from Washington State, it’s time to do your part to help caregivers, dispensaries and would be businesses! Do whatever you can! Educate people, contact your local officials, start petitions. The legal, recreational cannabis consumption venue market is already showing promising potential for growth. Don’t let your state and local government kill it before it even has a chance to grow.

Stay tuned to Marijuana Times for more articles about the multi billion-dollar American cannabis industry. Coming soon to the Cannaprenuers series, we’ll be delving deeper into the budding 420-tour niche market and also discussing lighting and fertilizer.

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