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Cloud-Based Tracking for Seed-to-Sale by American Green

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One of the biggest problems in the marijuana industry is the lack of a proper way to track everything. With no real system set in place when marijuana was legalized (whether medically or recreationally) in multiple states there have been questions of consistency of product, the reliability of where it came from and when it came in versus when it was sold.

“Our decade-long background in technology and our unique position in this emerging sector made this opportunity ideal for our company,” said American Green Inc. President Stephen Searin. “We are eager to assist TrackX in maximizing how it serves its impressive client list; help them deliver the business in their equally impressive pipeline, and develop new business, aided by our extensive tracking candidates our company has already developed in this sector.”

A company called American Green from Arizona recently bought out a Denver company known as TrackX, LLC in hopes of resolving this problem once and for all. They have been working on a cloud-based tracking system that will be able to track each plant from seed-to-sale.

Not only will this be the perfect way to optimize sales, ordering and cultivation by having a solid system tracking supply and demand but it also opens up new avenues as far as legalization goes.

“Twenty-three states are now legal for medicinal marijuana. What’s holding the federal government back is you have to track everything from seed to sale,” Patrick told the Phoenix Business Journal. “They have to know where it comes from, and it’s a whole tracking nightmare.”

If they are right and it is truly just a proper tracking system that is keeping the federal government from making such a long-needed change then hopefully they are impressed! The company has spent countless hours perfecting this system in hopes of providing the most accurate, easy-to-use and easy-to-access system around.

After the system sets into place in Colorado and the results can be seen first-hand in a fully legalized environment we will know better what the government thinks about this new product. For all we know it really is the last big hurdle we needed to pass – after all, the government wasn’t going to pay for this project were they?

It seems that this was an overall great decision for both companies involved. Besides, in the end, what is better than working as a collaboration of talented minds when the creation could lead to a change our country has been waiting on for decades.