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Cannabis Career Institute Comes to Philadelphia, PA


Even though the medical marijuana program won’t be implemented in Pennsylvania for another year or two, eager entrepreneurs and investors are already developing business plans and absorbing as much knowledge as they can. As seen in other states, there will be a limited number of licenses given to dispensaries and grow operations when PA’s medical cannabis industry finally takes off.

The people at the Cannabis Career Institute understand that there are an ever-growing number of investors and entrepreneurs looking to get started in the industry. The traveling institute holds seminars and teaches classes nationwide. The Cannabis Career Institute (CCI) put up four billboards in Philadelphia advertising the classes coming to the City of Brotherly Love. The 10-hour seminar will run from 9 AM – 7PM EST on Saturday, July 9th, 2016.

Ticket prices for this event are not cheap. A standard ticket costs $350 and a VIP ticket costs $500. VIPs will receive a personal consultation with CCI’s experts. However, these prices are worth it to anyone serious enough to start a dispensary or growing operation in the state. Industry experts have estimated that the total upfront cost for a dispensary owner will be upwards of $35,000. A grower or a processor could need to cough up several million in their first year alone.

According to the CCI website, here are some of the highlights of the seminar:

  • How to become a patient and select the right doctor for you
  • How to obtain a state ID card and become a registered provider
  • Creating a business plan and how to fill out the state paperwork to open your business
  • How to create your website, marketing materials and advertising plan
  • Budgeting for your dispensary or growing operation
  • Selecting the right pot price points and optimizing patient retention
  • The fundamentals of state and federal law, as explained by a criminal law attorney
  • How to actually grow, as taught by an industry “master grower”

After patients have been fighting for it for years, Pennsylvania legalized medical cannabis this in April in Harrisburg, becoming the 24th state to do so. The state Department of Health has officially set its medical marijuana guidelines. Along with the guidelines came the announcement that parents of young patients suffering from epilepsy, cancer and other debilitating conditions could finally have legal access to the plant medicine – as long as the cannabis is purchased out of state, of course.

It will likely be another two years before the medical cannabis industry is fully operational in Pennsylvania to the point where doctors can begin prescribing it to patients with approved conditions.


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