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Cannabis Health and Wellness Tracking App Launched by Juva Life; Available Now in App Stores

Juva Life

A California-based pharmaceutical research company and cannabis cultivator is looking to advance healthcare’s knowledge of cannabis effects through their research and most notably, a nationwide registry study that tracks daily use and health impact. They just launched the Journal App, a free tracker designed to help cannabis users and patients keep notes on their consumption, and gain insight into how cannabis products affect their health and wellness.

Journal App Offers Personal Health and Wellness Tracking for Cannabis Patients

Through the Journal App, cannabis consumers and anyone who uses hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) products can track their symptoms, medication use and results. Consumers can track a variety of health ailments, while documenting  the products they consumed, the  effect they had on their specific symptoms and any side effects that may occur.

Juva Founder and CEO Doug Chloupek commented: “We’re proud to be one of the first and only companies to offer consumers a daily tracking solution that provides them a closer look at how their cannabis use affects their personal health and wellness. One of Juva’s primary goals is to expand our industry’s knowledge of the medicinal effects of cannabis from a scientific perspective. The Journal App provides a personal tracking solution for our customers and it gives Juva information that compliments the data we collect via our research registry.”

Those interested in downloading the Journal App can do so here: https://shopjuva.com/journalapp/

Juva’s Cannabis Research Registry

Juva is also running a WIRB-approved, multi-year study through its cannabis research registry. Once completed, Juva will have one of the largest data sets of its kind and be able to leverage the data in both its nutraceutical wellness, drug development and clinical programs. This real-world observational data, overseen by physicians and clinicians, will be presented to various regulatory bodies to show the potential therapeutic benefits of cannabis and hemp-derived compounds.

Chloupek added: “In all industries, data is king. Through both the Journal App and our WIRB-approved registry, we are curating one of the largest repositories of real-world data on the medical effects of cannabis use, including consumption behavior and perceived effectiveness. While we remain committed to the privacy of our users, the data we are collecting will be beneficial from a regulatory and scientific standpoint and adds significant value to Juva’s intellectual property portfolio. All user info associated with the Journal App and the WIRB-approved registry is protected by the strictest patient privacy laws in the world, so participants can rest assured their entries are 100% confidential; any data imputed is anonymized for patient privacy.”

Juva’s Other Research Advancements: JUVA-019 and JUVA-041

Juva Life also has a pharmaceutical research and life sciences division, with a goal of identifying the mode of action behind cannabis’ anecdotal ability to regulate inflammation. Juva recently identified non-cannabinoid compounds JUVA-019 and JUVA-041, on which they filed patent applications and conducted preclinical research showing  the compound is effective as a stand-alone compound in inhibiting inflammation by modulating certain biomarkers in the body. JUVA-019 and JUVA-041, which the Juva research team has nominated as drug candidates for further preclinical investigation, are currently advancing through phenotypic models of chronic diseases of aging.