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Cannabis Plants Found Growing Near a British Legoland Theme Park


British police recently arrested two men after 50 cannabis plants were found in a hut at Windsor’s Legoland. The Legoland location refers to itself as “The UK’s Favorite Kids Theme Park.”

Workers that were doing a routine asbestos check at the vacant building stumbled upon the plants. The weed farm was equipped with a sophisticated watering system and high quality lights.

Legoland theme park officials said the site is near where visitors leave their pets. The building is inaccessible to the public. In a statement, a Legoland spokesperson said that the building “appears to have been accessed via the Crown Estate.” The Crown Estate is land that belongs to Queen Elizabeth. No word on whether the growers were trespassing or if they had proper clearance to be on the land. If they were trespassing, they may face further charges.

After the police were alerted, two men were arrested and charged with suspicion of cultivating cannabis. Cannabis is a class B drug in the UK.

“Following routine checks, we can confirm that illegal substances were found in a derelict cottage outside of the Legoland Park boundary,” a Legoland spokesman told the MailOnline.

As crazy as this story is, it’s certainly not the first time English cannabis growers chose strange and unique grow spots. The BBC recently reminisced about some other cannabis cultivation stories with odd locations.

Back in October 2013, British police in Essex found 250 plants in an underground chamber in a pub, behind a metal door concealed by a bookcase in the Joker Public House.

Police in South Wales discovered what they called a “rather cheeky choice” of location for a large scale grow right next door to the Bridgend Police Station. In November of 2014, officers busted the grow house and took about 700 plants. The ‘hidden in plain sight’ strategy definitely did not work in this case.

A British man was recently convicted of growing more than 800 weed plants inside of what was formerly an underground military complex and nuclear bunker. Surprisingly, that wasn’t even the first time police found pot plants growing there. In 2013, cops came across plants growing in the Drakelow Tunnels, in Worcestershire. The tunnels were originally built to store a WWII aircraft engine.

With prohibition comes the creativity of thinking up ways to stay under the radar. Imagine what these people could have come up with had they not spent their time trying to hide their plants from the authorities.  

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