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Cannabis Stock Values May Remain Depressed in 2022, Growers Might Seem More Revenue Opportunities in the Coming Year, and What Could be in Store for the CBD Industry This Year

Cannabis Stock Values May Remain Depressed in 2022

The Value of Cannabis Stocks May Remain Down this Year

Viridian Capital Advisors, a financial and strategic advisory firm based in NY, released a report in December 2021 with their predictions for the U.S. cannabis market for 2022. According to the report, investors can expect to see the same low values for cannabis stocks in 2022 as they saw in 2021. Viridian blamed this low valuation on the lack of institutional investment, and it doesn’t expect much to change in the coming year without federal-level legislation that will allow the cannabis industry to have access to the U.S. banking system. 

Greenhouse Growers Could See More Revenue Opportunities, But Uncertainty Over Regulations Will Remain

Online publication Greenhouse Grower released its predictions for cultivators for 2022. They believe that greenhouse growers will be adopting more technology and knowledge from growers of ornamental and vegetable plants, which will allow them to lower their energy consumption, automate more processes, and grow more plants. GG also sees the shortage of propagators and suppliers of young plants as an opportunity for cultivators to expand potential revenue streams – provided growers keep a supply of stock plants in-house and root their own cuttings regularly. 

On the downside, the confusion over regulations and lack of definitive legalization legislation at the federal level will likely remain, according to Greenhouse Grower. They also predict the year will bring continued global supply chain issues for cannabis growers. 

The Near Future for The CBD Industry

And what will 2022 bring for the CBD industry? According to Forbes, despite the fact that the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill made growing hemp legal, there is still a great deal of grey area surrounding regulations for CBD. This creates confusion in many areas for those operating in the industry, particularly in the areas of finance, production, and marketing. However, despite these challenges, the CBD industry and market have been growing exponentially. And this growth is only expected to accelerate according to a few notable forecasts. One study predicts that the CBD market could be a $20 billion industry by the year 2024.