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W420 Radio Network Special 2021 Episode

Guest Interview with Marc Corsi CEO of W420 and What’s Next for 2022!

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Marc Corsi, CEO and founder of W420 Radio Network, announces its special end-of-year wrap up show.  W420’s own, David Katzmire, will be a guest interviewer.  Guests will include: Marc Corsi; Brooke Westlake the Founder & Owner of the Women in Cannabis Expo; Bao Nguyen from Ukera Technologies; and Dylan Ross of Extract Labs.  A stellar line up for a stellar year. Tune in this Saturday, January 1st at 4:20 p.m. in your time zone.

W420 Radio Network is the brainchild of one the Founders Marc Corsi.  Its goal since its launch in October 2019 is to bring interesting, timely and important content with the benefit of high-profile experts to address every facet of the cannabis industry.  There are now an estimated 2.4 million listeners.

2021 was an amazing year for W420 Radio Network – phenomenal growth in listenership,  launched guest interview series’, created a Women in Cannabis segment with Correspondent Chase Roberts, noteworthy interviews by Radio Hall of Famer Rich Walcoff, refined the format based on industry needs and celebrated their second anniversary on-air!  Guests have included: the Honorable Willie Brown; Morgan Fox, Media Relations Director of the National Cannabis Industry Association; Olivia Alexander, CEO of Kush Queen; Jennifer Lujan, Senior Director of Social Impact at Eaze; Eddy Lepp, cannabis pioneer; Kit Grimes of The Edible Incredible, and Chief Strategy Officer for Minorities for Medical Marijuana (M4MM)…

CEO Marc Corsi states, “After 77 episodes we are excited for the future episodes we will bring to air in 2022.  We have refined and defined our content in order to bring our listeners the best show possible. Our audience has grown tremendously, and W420 Radio Network is the authority in the industry. We wish you and yours a Happy New Year!”