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Chef Aaron May Joins Celebrity Chef Todd English to Produce Game-Changing, THC-infused Edible Culinary Products

Last Leaf

LastLeaf announced today that Celebrity Chef Aaron May has joined Todd English to put his own spin on a line of the THC-infused food products that LastLeaf will offer in 2022. LastLeaf is completely reimagining what the cannabis edibles industry can be by elevating it to high-end cuisine that appeals to the cannabis-curious foodies who do not want to smoke or use the traditional gummies and chocolates.. LastLeaf is also inking deals with other major celebrities to make LastLeaf a household name in LA and soon, beyond. 

Chef Aaron is best known as the former chef to Tik Tok Stars Dixie and Charli D’Amelio and is currently the executive chef and culinary director at Bullseye Event Group, where he cooks around the world at the biggest sports and music events. Aaron also oversees the food and kitchens at his restaurants The Lodge and Goodwood Tavern in Arizona. He also is a judge on the cooking shows Guy’s Grocery Games and Guy’s Ranch Kitchen.

“Cannabis in the food industry is such an untapped market,” said LastLeaf Master Chef Aaron May. “LastLeaf and Todd English have a vision and standard for THC-infused cuisine that has frankly never been seen before. I am so excited to be on board with such great talent, and I am looking forward to creating the next level of edible consumption with LastLeaf.” 

LastLeaf is the first cannabis culinary brand in the United States to pioneer cannabis-infused gourmet food by offering an array of upscale cooking products, such as condiments, butter, oils and sauces, as well as perfectly proportioned gourmet pantry-friendly meal kits.

While all other companies in the cannabis edibles industry are focused on traditional drinks and snacks, Last Leaf is elevating THC-infused products into a fine dining experience. Using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, LastLeaf enhances the dining experience for the cannabis-curious foodie, from the novice to the experienced cannabis user. Whether you know your way around the kitchen or just have basic cooking skills, there is an infused-cannabis product for everyone. LastLeaf also provides recipe and video tutorials for those looking to up their cooking game.

“We wanted to make a product that breaks the boundaries of what people expect from cannabis edibles and make it easily accessible,” said Founder and CEO, Keith Burkard. “As the cultural view of THC evolves, so does the microdosing way of life. We want to evolve with the movement and bring low-dose infused gourmet foods to the masses.”

ABOUT LastLeaf

LastLeaf is a cannabis-infused culinary product company approaching edibles differently with savory flavors. They work with top-rated, creative chefs to provide products to the American at-home chef. They deeply believe in the healing powers of food and the cannabis plant, individually, but see they are better together. Learn more at www.lastleaf.com and follow on Instagram @LastLeafEatables.