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CannaCloud: The Keurig of Cannabis

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The never ending wave of new cannabis related technology has just brought us something beautiful: The CannaCloud. CannaCloud is the first ever “single-serve” vaporizer! I think this one is particularly neat as it was dubbed the “Keurig of Cannabis” and the CEO of CannaKorp is actually the retired Vice-President of the Keurig Company.

What Sets the CannaCloud Apart?

Vaporizers all have the same basic principle – heating the marijuana to the perfect temperature to provide a vapor full of beneficial THC and CBD. The CannaCloud sets things apart however, by the ease-of-use and the “single-serve” manner in which it is provided.

Most vaporizers need to be packed yourself with loose-ground herb or concentrates, which can lead to inconsistent medicating for patients and uncertainty for recreational users. With the CannaCloud this will all be a thing of the past. Each time you pack it, all you need to do is put the pre-measured cup into the machine, press a button and go; offering the perfect amount for the perfect hit each time with consistent results.

The Beginning of the “Single-Serve” Marijuana Flower

Similar to K-Cups for the Keurig, CannaCups will be measured and quality checked for consistency before being put on shelves. There will be multiple strains available, each package will be marked with the name of the company that produced the herb, the strain and the THC content.

This will bring an amount of consistency that just hasn’t been available to medical patients yet. It will make medicating more of a science and less of a gamble. While you cannot overdose on marijuana it can bring on unproductive days, tiredness, and more if you medicate more than needed.

Where Will CannaCups be available?

CannaKorp still needs to come up with $10 million in funds in order to get a jump-start on production of the CannaCloud and the CannaCups alike. If the money is raised in a reasonable amount of time, the product could be available in all 27 states with medicinal marijuana markets (which includes the 4 with recreational markets).

The products will be available to purchase in 50 dispensaries which are currently partnered with CannaKorp. It is likely that the number of dispensaries will grow as the popularity of this vaporizer inevitably climbs.

How Does the CannaCloud Work?

The machine is pretty simple to operate. There are two pieces to it, the base and the “thermos” looking chamber. You put the CannaCup single-serve dose of marijuana in the bottom of the canister and then insert it in the base.

From there it is as simple as the press of a button – the cannabis will be heated to a perfect temperature and then the chamber will fill with a thick vapor for you to inhale. It really is one of the easiest vaporizers on the market to operate, which will be perfect for patients of all ages and experience levels.

So How Much Will All this Cost?

The CannaCloud itself is expected to retail at $149. Considering the technology we’re talking about, I think that’s a pretty reasonable price. The investment would definitely be worth it in the long run for both patients and recreational users alike – allowing the perfect hit to get you going at any time of day.

The CannaCups are expected to contain 0.4 grams of marijuana – the same amount you would find in most pre-rolled joint. Each of these CannaCups is expected to run $9.99 each, which could get a little pricey depending on how often you medicate. However in exchange for the perfect measurements, the simplicity and the lack of having to grind and pack the herb yourself, you are really paying for convenience – the same as a pre-rolled joint.