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CBD and Cannabis Experts Prepare to Launch The World’s First Cannabis Free CBD Formula Derived from Citrus Peels


CBxShield, founded by Christine De La Rosa and George Wolters, takes a new approach to the CBD industry by providing a hemp and cannabis free alternative to the cannabis-dominated CBD market. CBxShield is a THC-free CBD derived from limonene (CBx), a process that harnesses the potential of citrus peels, a waste product, to create a molecularly identical compound to hemp and cannabis-derived CBD. CBxShield has combined limonene derived CBD, reishi mushrooms, a rare mushroom that grows at the bases of deciduous trees, and Vitamin C to provide enhanced antioxidant and immune system benefits as well as a safer, healthy, and reliable alternative to cannabis sourced CBD found on the market.

By sourcing CBD directly from citrus peels, CBxShield’s products can be shipped internationally and used by anyone. Limonene-derived CBD also provides its users with a plethora of benefits that cannabis-derived CBD can’t. Its sourcing process, legality, and purity creates a safer and healthy alternative to cannabis sourced CBD found on the market, solving some of the most salient problems facing the global CBD industry today. “The citrus-derived CBD dramatically improved my quality of life after an invasive surgery. I found the repeatability of pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects made it possible to lead an active lifestyle without suffering. Combining it with an immune-boosting adaptogen, Reishi, made it even more relevant for my overall well being! CBxImmune has become an indispensable part of my daily ritual,” says co-founder George Wolters .

CBxShield’s first official product, now available for preorder and launching worldwide on December 11th, will be CBxImmune ($54.99). Available in capsules, CBxImmune is a proprietary blend of limonene-delivered CBD and adaptogenic reishi mushrooms to provide a synergistic boost to the many benefits indiuvally provided. The Reishi mushroom found in CBxImmune has been used for centuries to enhance the immune system, reduce stress, improve sleep, and lessen fatigue. In contrast, people often use CBD for inflammation, pain, nausea, and a variety of other purposes. The reishi mushroom is the most popular nutraceutical mushroom species globally, and CBD is fast becoming one of the most well known natural supplements across the globe. Combining these two powerful ingredients creates an unparalleled defensive homeostasis in your body that promotes optimum health all year long. 

“As an immuno-comprised person, when Covid hit, the first thing I did was research all the holistic ways I could boost my immune system to protect myself. The level of fear and anxiousness around getting sick and possibly dying afraid and alone is real. Not just for myself but millions of other people. CBxImmune is not a cure, but it could very possibly be of assistance in helping people like myself survive infection from this virus. At the very least, we believe that CBD reduces inflammation in the body, Reishi creates balance in our immune system, and Vitamin C has long been used to boost our immune system. I believe that these three ingredients, together, give you and me the best chance at staying healthy.” says Christine De La Rosa.

CBD’s incredible benefits are used as a healing method by many but have a hard time making its way into the hands of those who need it the most. CBxShield is offering the public something revolutionary and never seen before. Harnessing the potential of citrus peels and reishi mushrooms to create a groundbreaking product has created a safer alternative and accessible healing product for everyone, everywhere.