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A Pet Primer for the Holidays

How to Keep Your Pets Safe and Stress-Free During the Holidays


The holidays are around the corner – the first major holidays to be celebrated in the middle of a pandemic. As you plan your festivities and weigh your concerns, you may be overlooking an important consideration – how to prepare for your pets’ well-being.

Is your pet ready for the holidays in these pandemic times? Traditionally, the holidays can be full of celebration and family cheer. Even though this year’s festivities may be limited due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, it can still be a time of stress and anxiety for pets. 

COVID means everyone is at home all the time which could cause pets to become anxious, having to adjust to new behaviors and voices. There may be relatives around who are not used to your pet or maybe they just don’t know how to act around animals. 

Some people may unduly threaten or punish an animal, or on the other side of the spectrum, they may break all the rules that you’ve set in place for your pet. And we all know that despite our best intentions, there’s always a softie at the dinner table who’s going to sneak a food scrap or two to your animal. This can cause indigestion, diarrhea, vomiting or worse for your pet. And your dog or cat’s normal routine is probably going to get thrown off because of late socializing or celebrating. Your pet may lose his or her “down time” to relax due to too many family activities.

All of these things could lead to high levels of stress, pain, discomfort, and indigestion in your pooch or cat. But there is a way to alleviate most of these conditions during the holidays, so you and your pet can enjoy the festivities. Many CBD companies offer special dog treats or CBD oil for pets which offer a myriad of calming benefits. The benefits come from phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil. At Emperor One, we use water-soluble hemp oil powder for easy digestion and maximum results and offer tasty flavors that dogs and cats love like Bacon & Sweet Potato and Chicken Blueberry.

Studies show that CBD pet products can help dogs and cats of all breeds in a myriad of ways. CBD pet products help to reduce inflammation, increase heart strength, prevent nausea and anxiety, and even fight cancer. These products can also reduce seizures and pain in pets and improve skin condition. When shopping around for the best CBD pet products, look for companies that list out their ingredients, so you know what you’re getting. CBD pet products should be organic, non-GMO and undergo third-party testing for safety and potency. Make sure the product you’re choosing contains no pesticides, herbicides, solvents or fertilizers and are non-psychoactive and THC-free. This is especially important for dogs who are highly sensitive to THC.

My partner and I at EmperorOne CBD Products are pet owners and understand how important it is to provide the best products for pets to make their lives more comfortable and enjoyable during the holidays and all year round. When we use the products on our own dogs, we notice significant calming every time. Our products are formulated by veterinarians to be the most effective and safest in the CBD industry. They’ll keep your pets bright-eyed and bushy tailed and ready to adapt to even the most challenging holiday circumstances.

My partner, Brandon Arpke, and I recommend giving your pets EmperorOne CBD about an hour before your guests arrive. Here’s what he says about his dog, Tucker: “Tucker used to get really anxious when people came over – he’d start going crazy and barking up a storm. Now, I give him a dog treat or two beforehand, and it keeps him really mellowed out and calm when company comes.” And I’ll take it a step further – the holidays can be a little overwhelming at times, and I think all of us could use a little CBD during the holidays, not just our pets. I even offer our EmperorOne CBD products to our guests as well, to keep them calm and happy during the holidays.

About EmperorOne: EmperorOne is based in Weston, Wisconsin and offers CBD products using CO2 extraction methods resulting in the highest-quality products found anywhere. All EmperorOne products are THC free, third-party lab tested, vegan, non-GMO and made in the USA. To learn more, go to https://emperoronecbd.com.