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CBD Dosage – How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

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When getting into CBD for the first time, a common question newbies often have is: “How much CBD oil should I take?” The short answer is that it depends on a number of factors. There’s no single dosage that’s going to be useful for every person. 

Just like normal medicine that depends on age, weight, gender, and so on, CBD also has several factors that might need to be considered before settling on a dosage.

Important things to consider

The most important factors to consider when deciding the amount of CBD are as follows:

•    Concentration: This refers to the amount of CBD in a product, normally measured in milligrams. The higher the concentration of the CBD, the lower the dosage you should take. 

CBD from platforms such as verfiedcbd.com is available in different concentrations. The concentration is usually such that a bottle with 20ml of CBD and a concentration of 1000mg will have an overall concentration of 50mg per ml serving.

•    Tolerance: The more you use CBD, the more tolerant you may become to it, requiring higher dosages subsequent times you use it.

•    Desired effect: The amount of CBD needed to alleviate anxiety and the amount required to reduce chronic pain are going to be completely different. Normally, however, it’s proportional to the level of discomfort or pain the person is experiencing at that instance.

•    Bodyweight: How much a person weighs always has an effect on the amount of any drug or substance a person is going to need before they experience the desired effects. Lighter people will require smaller sizes, while those that are on the heavier side will need more.

How to estimate what CBD dosage you need

Consider your body weight

As with most drugs, bodyweight affects absorption, distribution, metabolism, and clearance from the body. For any medication to work effectively, it needs to reach a certain concentration that’s considered optimal at various active sites in the body. If you have extra body weight, it will take longer for the drug to reach those optimal levels. The same goes for CBD.

A good rule of thumb when using CBD is to consume 1-6mg of CBD for every 5kg (~10lb) of body weight. This is the base level and can be raised incrementally depending on the level of pain/discomfort.

For a 90kg (~200lb) patient, a high starting dosage would be about 20-30mg. If you’d rather not do the math, there are tons of calculators online willing to do the heavy lifting for you.

Start from the bottom and increase the dosage slowly

All our bodies are built differently, so regardless of all other considerations, CBD might affect you disproportionately from other people. 

You might weigh the same as a close friend, have the equal BMI and maybe even share a birthday, but the same dosage of CBD will start to take effect a lot sooner in you than them. It’s likely because of medical history, body chemistry, and ultimately, biology.

However, an excellent first step is always to begin with the lowest possible dose, generally based on your weight, and then gradually go up from there. Monitor the tell-tale signs of CBD – such as relaxation – and note how much CBD you’ve used at that point. 

The next time, increase the dosage slightly until you find what works for you.

Keep an eye on your tolerance

The more you use CBD, the more your endurance may grow. For some people, taking a single dose a day will be more than enough to provide them with the effects they are after. For others, they must take larger doses to have the results last.

It’s harder to build up a tolerance for CBD, but to avoid it altogether, you should take as small of a dosage of CBD oil as possible.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to reflect the specific views of the publication.