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Strain Review: Cheese

The Best Cheddar You’ve Ever Tasted

Cubes of Cheddar and Mozzarella Cheese

Okay, so the Cheese strain may not taste exactly like cheese, or smell identical either. However the aroma resembles it enough to give us the name of this unique indica hybrid. Originally introduced to the U.S. in the 80s from “over the pond” in the U.K.

The strains origins are a little bit scattered – but common genetics of this strain conclude that it is a descendant of Skunk #1, which eventually bred with Afghani by breeder companies such as Big Buddha Seeds – which is what created the strain that we all know and love today.

What You Should Expect

An indica dominant hybrid this strain lives up to everything you would expect out of a potent herb. The buds are dense, even the ones that grow larger are very compact, as are most indicas. The shades vary from a very vibrant green to a more forest green hue, though this particular strain is easily recognized by the thicker orange (generally) hairs that vary in vibrancy as much as the leaves themselves.

The aroma of this strain is very pungent and will not be masked easily. If you live in an apartment and plan to grow your own, then this is something you will want to be aware of as the scent is always stronger when you are actually growing the plant. It offers a rather smooth hit combined with a quick-hitting buzz – perfect for people looking for quick relief.

It tends to leave you with an immediate heady feeling, though this fades over time leaving you with the relaxed and uplifted feeling. This strain can cause tiredness, though in the right mood it may spark a creative burst you simply cannot ignore.

Medical Benefits of Cheese

Due to its ability to take effect almost immediately upon consumption this is a perfect strain for anyone looking for immediate relief. It is very strong however, so new users are cautioned to take it slow (some strong indicas have a potential to induce anxiety rather than relieve it).

The fact that it so quickly brings an uplifted and stress-free feeling is perfect for those battling depression. It can help spark creative moments and bring people into an overall happier place – and it will leave you feeling good for at least a couple of hours.

This strain can cause tiredness, which makes it an excellent option for people with insomnia – and the combination with its ability to relieve pain make it a double hitter for people who have pain induced insomnia.

Since this strain is so potent it is best used as an evening and night time medication rather than a day time one. Though experienced users or those with severe pain may be able to use this throughout the day and reap the many benefits.