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Colorado Will be Home to the First “Weedery”

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The Cannabis Ranch and Amphitheater is the next big thing coming to Denver, Colorado and the legal marijuana industry. This is the first weedery (similar to a winery or brewery, but for marijuana) in the world – even countries like Amsterdam who are known for legal marijuana have never had a place where you could go and see the legal growing process in action.

What’s the Aim of the Cannabis Ranch?

The main reason that the Cannabis Ranch was born is to educate people and help them make an informed opinion about marijuana. The truth is almost all of us have seen pot at one point in time or another – but according to their website we’ve never truly seen marijuana.

When they say this they mean to say that many people have seen dried buds, or growing plants, but have never seen a full scale marijuana greenhouse – which is what the Cannabis Ranch tours will have.

Rather than operating indoors (which is both more expensive and worse for the environment) the ranch will grow their flower in greenhouses. After all, this is a legal operation now and there is no reason for it to be done in the dark. Not only will the plants grow stronger and healthier but they will likely flower more quickly and could potentially be more potent.

People walking into the Cannabis Ranch will take in the beautiful plants in many shades of green with a rainbow of shades strewn throughout. They will immediately meet the sweet scent of the sticky herbs – and surprisingly many people never knew how great marijuana plants smell.

It’s all about providing a new way to view the plant, while providing educational tours and job training for those looking to enter the industry.

Why an Amphitheater?

The amphitheater will bring two things back together the way they were intended to be – music and nature. It is very well known that over the years marijuana has made its impact on the world of music and the Cannabis Ranch wants to bring those things back together.

There will be many different concerts at the amphitheater but that is not the least of it. There will also be theater events, yoga, farmers markets and even dance lessons. The point is to bring people back to nature with a place to relax outdoors next to some of the most beautiful greenhouses in the world.

Just wait, there’s more!

On top of being able to tour the facility and view some of the most beautiful and sweet smelling herbs around, jamming out to some great musicians and attending awesome community events there will also be a rooftop bar and restaurant and a dispensary.

The bar and restaurant will offer a place for people to kick back and relax with drinks and locally sourced food. Unfortunately there will not be infused edibles at this time due to state laws, but this is expected to change over time.

The dispensary was obviously a must have – after all, you couldn’t let people in to see all the beautiful plants and not offer any for sale! While you will be able to purchase marijuana at the Cannabis Ranch you currently will not be able to smoke it at the ranch – again, this is likely to change as the state changes their laws. (In the future the rooftop bar will be the smoking area!)

The best part? This is only the first of many Cannabis Ranch locations. After the first Cannabis Ranch is successful they intend to open up more locations in states which have legalized, including Nevada, California, Washington and even Massachusetts.

It’s only a matter of time before this awesome concept is in at least one location in every state. For now however, we have the up and coming Cannabis Ranch and Amphitheater – if you’re in or headed to the Denver area it would definitely be worth checking out!