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Strain Review: Pineapple Punch

A Tropical Blast

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Pineapple Punch is a rather unique strain of marijuana compared to so many others. The main reason for this is that it nearly has a 50/50 chance of taking after either parent as it can flower as a sativa-dominant or indica-dominant hybrid (which can be determined during the flowering stage).

This strain is a hybrid created by Flying Dutchman, bred from one of their own hybrids, Real McCoy and Skunk #1 (which is one of Real McCoy’s parent strains). Skunk #1 was bred with Hawaiian to create Real McCoy, which is what leads to its pineapple and citrus taste and aroma.

What You Should Expect

Since this plant can grow to be either a sativa or an indica you will want to be sure of which one you are purchasing ahead of time. For some a sativa strain might be preferably, whereas others may be in need of the heavier effects of the indica strain.

When the buds are dried you will likely notice that the indica buds have a more potent scent and offer a heavier yield. When smoked you will notice a slight “creeper” effect – so be careful not to over toke on this one as it will take a little longer, especially for the sativa dominant phenotype.

The taste, as stated above, is sweet and citrusy thanks to the Hawaiian strain in its linage. For most, this is one of the tastiest buds and definitely highly preferred over other strains. It is definitely a strain for a connoisseur.

Medical Benefits of Pineapple Punch

This bud is primarily used for treatment of anxiety, depression and insomnia – and it was originally bred with these purposes in mind. The heavy indica properties in some strains (even the sativa phenotype offers a slight indica feeling) is perfect for those who have panic attacks or have trouble sleeping as it can cause what is called couch-lock.

If you are in need of a bud that will get you through the day while still allowing you to be productive then you will want to try the sativa strain. However, for some it is still too much of a heavy high for major activities and another strain may need to be considered – this is definitely a strain that is best used in the evenings or at night when you can relax and enjoy it properly.

Since it takes 9-10 weeks from seed to flower this strain does take a little longer than others to produce. The good news is that (most of the time) it offers a heavy harvest each time, making the long wait well worth it.