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Colorado’s First Cannabis Resort Will Be Opening This July


One of the biggest drawbacks to the legal marijuana situation in Colorado is the fact that it really only suits the residents – and even then it really only meets people part way there. Cannabis consumption, in so many cases, is a social experience and unfortunately, due to laws that only allow consumption in homes, on private property and out of view of the public this leaves limited options.

For visitors to the state – many of whom are likely visiting for the first time to experience a legal high for the first time in their life – there just aren’t many options available. Cannabis Clubs or Cafes would have been perfect for this, but they are still not legal under state laws – and very few, if any, hotels are advertising that they allow consumption in rooms (some allow vaporizers).

A couple from New York saw the need for a different type of cannabusiness and so they opened up Colorado’s very first Bud and Breakfast. Operating in the fashion of a typical bed and breakfast, with a cannabis twist to it, the company took off quickly and now has a total of three locations throughout Colorado – and now they’re adding another!

The MaryJane Group INC announced on March 11th that they had signed a Lease and Service Agreement to operate Camp Bud and Breakfast at Aspen Canyon Ranch. The “camp” will be an all-inclusive getaway on 414 acres of land in Colorado Springs. This experience will no doubt be the most extravagant yet, which is saying something considering how successful and vibrant the other Bud and Breakfast locations are.

Staying at Camp Bud and Breakfast guests will expect to find the usual favorites that return guests have come to expect like the “Wake and Bake Breakfast” and “420 Happy Hour”. There will also be dozens of new experiences for guests including “Cannabis Yoga” and “Canvas and Cannabis”. Guests will also have access to hot tubs, nightly entertainment, workshops and shuttles that take you to lakes and hot springs.

They will begin taking reservations on March 15th for the July to September vacationing season. If you’re planning a trip to Colorado this summer and this sounds appealing I would jump on it – no prices were advertised, but considering their other locations rooms can go from $150-400 per night you can expect it to be expensive. All in all this sounds like the perfect stoners vacation spot – I know I got distracted for a bit daydreaming about it just writing this article.