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Comedy and Cannabis Come Together to Help the Homeless in DC

Image Courtesy of Blazed and Confused

Kick off New Year’s weekend with laughter and Bread for the City as Washington’s most talented pool of comedians gather to provide a rip-roaring comedy special, benefitting the nearly 7,000  homeless people in Washington, D.C.

Unfortunately, homelessness is a huge problem in the nation’s capital. Back in 2015, a Senate office building cafeteria worker revealed he was homeless. Lawmakers made a big deal of it, calling for living wages for the employee who worked for a private food servicer. But in the end after CNN, among other outlets, picked up the story – no real change happened.

Part of the reason is that affordable housing has shrunk by more than 50% over the past 10 years, while the waiting period for public housing can exceed decades. In fact, the wait list is so long that the DC Housing Authority has given up on adding new names.

“Homelessness can lead to chronic health problems, and it makes thousands of people in our city especially vulnerable to physical and sexual violence,” said the director of the DC charity.

As the epicenter of national politics and sharp wit, this top-notch talent is bringing the holiday spirit to Adams Morgan for an evening of laughs to raise money for the charity, Bread for the City.

A powerhouse of comedy

Comedienne Elizabeth Croydon has lined up a fabulous holiday splendor of a show. She’s teamed up with Ashley Stafford and the Elevated Events Group, known for their 420 themed events, to produce this high-end comedy special, Blazed and Confused.

Ms. Stafford likes to keep her locations private for her party goers, but the location is on the main strip of Adams Morgan. As is the case in DC, a unique recreational use state, details are to be released closer to the December 30th event.

Croydon is also performing. She’s homegrown, DC talent with a wealth of worldly experience as an award-winning director, producer, and critically acclaimed comedienne. Playboy magazine once called her work “Part Zen Master, part standup comic”. A product of Duke Ellington School of the Arts and the Folger Shakespeare Conservatory, she’s worked with stoner archetypes Cheech and Chong, Joe Rogan, and Doug Benson.

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Her cannabis crusading includes hosting one of the first buyer’s clubs in NYC with yippie activist Dana Beal, lobbying for CA recreational use, and founding “Pot Shot Comics”, a group of stand-up comics who raised funds and awareness for DC’s 2015 measure to legalize, Prop 71.

Haywood Turnipseed Jr. also takes the stage as one of Elizabeth Croydon’s “Pot Shot Comics”. He played a role in raising funds and awareness for cannabis activists, DCMJ. Haywood’s laugh is so good, it’s even available as a ringtone.  

DJ Vishal Kanwar compliments the show with his chronically kind beats. A favorite among burners and the Meso Creso crowd, Vishal is an international DJ who’s been featured at such national gatherings as DC’s Catharsis on the Mall and 2016’s Lovelight festival.

Image Courtesy of Alain Nu Tv

Alain Nu is The Man Who Knows. A regular at Caesar’s Palace with his physics- defying repertoire, Nu is a published author and the star attraction on the television series “The Mysterious World of Alain Nu” on TLC.

The founder of the Dollar High Club, Harrison Baum, is the founder of the a nationally-known smoke box subscription service. He brings his humor, which has been featured on TBS, to the stage.

If you weren’t at Caroline’s on Broadway in NYC to catch Franqi French with DL Hughley, perhaps you caught one of her several appearances on TV One’s “Roland Martin Show”. Her brash wit and fresh perspective combine to bring us a blunt review of 2016.

Ryan Neser recently returned to the DMV after appearing at Broadway Comedy Club and Dangerfield’s in New York City. His budding talent is described by Croydon as “sticky with red and purple hairs covered under a layer of refreshing keef, or, perhaps that’s just what’s currently in his stash,” jokes Croydon.

The comic known as Lars Loving, has graced the airwaves with his comedy. An original member of Elizabeth Croydon’s “Pot Shot Comics”, Lars Loving rips jokes like Brad Pitt’s stoner character in “True Romance” – constantly and without apology.

Rounding out the blazed and confused lineup, The Gentleman Toker hails Michael Wolcott as ‘The Han Solo of the Millennial Falcon’. His comedy appeals to every walk of life from college students to old retired hippies. His national appearances include the Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC and Chicago’s Comedy Sportz Theatre.

Get ready for truly dope comedy, and chase away the holiday humbug – and hunger for the homeless – with this ‘Blazed and Confused’ stand-up comedy event.