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DaVinci MIQRO | The Latest Addition To The Vape Scene


DaVinci MIQRO-latest-addition-to-the-vape-scene

If you’ve been following the vape market for some time, you’re probably acquainted with the DaVinci IQ, which is considered to be one of the best dry herb vaporizers out there. There’s a new member in the family, though. Meet the DaVinci MIQRO. It’s compact, it’s slick, and it’s worthy of carrying the family name.

Vaporizers have started growing ever more popular over the years. Causing fewer long-term health risks is just one of the reasons why vaping outmatches smoking. By vaporizing rather than burning herb, you preserve a larger amount of active ingredients, using a wider spectrum of substances that don’t get destroyed by the flames. With the vaping trend increasing the number of options for pot-lovers, there is no better time than now to start looking for the perfect vaporizer to take your hobby to the road. And the DaVinci MIQRO enters the scene with a trusted name and a discrete, portable design.

DaVinci MIQRO-latest-addition-to-the-vape-scene-img-1The DaVinci MIQRO looks like a dwarfed version of its predecessor, standing at two-thirds the size of the DaVinci IQ (around 3 x 1.5 inches) and weighing in at just over a hundred grams. That makes it one of the smallest vapes on the market! If you saw it in public, you could almost mistake it for a bulky lighter. With a smaller design comes a smaller battery and a smaller oven, so the DaVinci MIQRO is primarily a personal vaporizer, rather than something to pop out during a group session. It’s perfect if you like small sessions as you can adjust the chamber to tightly vape even a tenth of a gram.

The chamber can hold up to around a quarter of a gram of dry herb, with an adjustable zirconium pearl to modify the chamber size, so you get the most out of your hits. You can shrink the oven down as you’re nearing the end of your session to really press those last few hits tight and draw the most from them. The ceramic oven and the removable ceramic zirconia air tube allow for easy maintenance and nice, clean vapor. The MIQRO achieves a great taste for a conduction vape, due to its quality materials. You can achieve thick, potent clouds if you pack the oven tight and grind your herb fine, but it will also require more frequent cleaning to maintain a nice flow. Luckily, all the conduction pieces are detachable and easy to clean.

Similar to its predecessor, the MIQRO features a minimalistic LED light grid interface through which you can customize your session, read temperature and set heat modes. The grid also serves as a session timer, but you can go into stealth mode and turn the lights off for discretion.

The MIQRO can range between a temperature of 300°F – 430°F, and takes around 45 seconds to heat up. Like the IQ, it comes with the signature Smart Paths option, which slowly increases the temperature as you vape. It also has a Boost mode, which raises the temperature to the max as long as you’re holding the button pressed, so you can get the most out of those final few hits. There’s a Standby mode as well, which promptly cools down the device to preserve your herb and the battery life.

The DaVinci MIQRO uses a replaceable 18350 900mah battery, which is recharged via a USB cable. It also features pass-through charging, so that you can use your vaporizer while it’s plugged in. The battery lasts for around half an hour, so this really is a vape for a quick session, rather than for long casual ones. If you’re out on the town or taking a stroll and want a session on the go, the MIQRO has got you covered. If you choose the Explorer’s Collection Kit rather than the standard one, you’ll get two batteries so you can have an extra if you’re planning a long night out.

The MIQRO Standard Kit and the Explorer’s Collection Kit are the basic and the advanced set accompanying the DaVinci MIQRO. The Standard Kit includes the vaporizer, an extended mouthpiece for convenience and additional vape cooling, a USB cable and a cleaning kit. If you’re really looking to equip yourself with all the accessories to enjoy your to vape on the go, you might want to opt for the DaVinci Miqro Explorer’s Collection Kit.

Apart from the aforementioned extra battery, you’ll also get a carry can to hold it (with a compartment for some extra herb as well). You’ll also receive the extended mouthpiece, a smell-resistant carrying case, a USB cable, a cleaning kit and a grinder card. While the Standard Kit has what you need to fully enjoy your vapes, the Explorer’s Collection Kit is the real deal if you’re serious about your hobby.

With its compact design and high customizability, it’s perfect for the avid vaper who wants a nice hit on the go. Inheriting the trustworthy DaVinci vaporizers brand name quality and converting to a pocket version of the IQ, with the MIQRO you can always count on a good vape by your side.