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Denver is Pushing for Marijuana Use in Bars and Clubs

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Now that Colorado has had one full year of success in the recreational marijuana industry people are starting to ask for more. An initiative has been taken to legalize use of marijuana in limited social spaces such as bars and clubs who only allow guests 21+.

The idea is simple: now that you can buy cannabis, people wish to have a place where they can consume the herb legally outside of their homes. After all, if the idea was to regulate the plant in a similar fashion to alcohol it should be allowed limited social use.

This campaign needs nearly 5000 signatures from registered Denver voters to make it to the ballots for the November elections. While this may seem an unreachable task to some, the challenge is being well accepted by many.

It seems that the polls are showing a rather accepting view on allowing establishments to allow social consumption of marijuana. However that would potentially go against the laws already set in place for regulation of marijuana in Colorado stating that it cannot be consumed in indoor public places.

However if these laws were amended to reflect this new initiative it would also resolve a number of other current problems with the laws – one of the biggest problems being that non-residents are able to purchase marijuana but have no place they can legally consume it other than a small percentage of 420 friendly hotels.

If this campaign reaches ballots and passes with voters in November then this would open up doors for a whole lot more tourist generated revenues. It would also open up the opportunity for shops to open up with a 420 theme offering non-cannabis treats and a place to toke socially for locals and tourists alike.

This campaign would not allow establishments outside of licensed dispensaries to sell marijuana, meaning anyone wishing to consume marijuana in a social space would have to bring their own.

While it may not allow bars, clubs or similar establishments to make revenues directly from marijuana sales they will likely gain sales through drinks and food sold to those who show up to smoke in a social setting.

It really is not much that the people of Denver are asking for – all they want is to be able to go out and enjoy a joint at the same time. People are not limited to consuming beer, wine or liquor only in their homes so why should cannabis be limited that way?