Home Business Dutchie launches new referral program with up to $2K for dispensaries nationwide

Dutchie launches new referral program with up to $2K for dispensaries nationwide


The cannabis industry is a tight-knit community working together to bring the benefits of cannabis to consumers, safely and efficiently. At dutchie — the largest and fastest-growing cannabis technology platform — we’re building the solutions to help the entire community and industry unlock its full potential. 

Now, we’re launching a referral program to spread the word and help more dispensaries of all sizes leverage the benefits of point-of-sale, e-commerce, and other critical software solutions to grow their business and retain more customers.

Anyone can claim cash for every referred dispensary that moves to the dutchie or LeafLogix platforms—earning up to $1,000 or $2,000, respectively—when they ring in their first sale. To participate, one simply needs to submit a qualified lead

Launching and operating a dispensary is incredibly hard work, and tailored software solutions can help dispensaries of all sizes by providing a simple and intuitive way to manage multiple locations and scale quickly. Point-of-sale and e-commerce solutions allow dispensaries to easily streamline retail operations, track sales metrics, manage inventory, and so much more. Such built-in protections keep businesses from overselling, simplify reporting, and automate compliance. 

“We’re continuously working to enhance the modern cannabis retail experience with our products, and we want dispensaries to know they have a long-term partner who is focused on their unique needs,” said Devon Herrington, Head of Marketing at dutchie. “Our referral program will help more dispensaries leverage our best-in-class technology to drive more sales and retain more customers.”

Point-of-sale solutions — with user-friendly design and detailed sales analytics — are built to keep up across multiple high-volume retail locations. Plus, cannabis retailers can take advantage of complete seed-to-sale integration to manage their operations, stay compliant, and maximize efficiency and profits. 

Dispensaries can also leverage software tools that make it easier for customers to purchase cannabis products from their favorite dispensaries in-store or via curbside pickup and delivery. 

Because online sales are on average 30% higher than in-store sales, standing up an online purchasing experience creates a cost-effective avenue for businesses to increase their bottom line and retain more customers. 

Take advantage of the industry’s best tech platform — and cash in on the referral bonus by telling your friends to do the same.