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Dynamic Bud Duo Ed “NJWeedman” Forchion and Son King Forchion Announce Exclusive Yohan Marley Club Residency at The Joint of Miami

NJ Weedman Yohan Marley

King “Krefiii” Forchion, son of the legendary marijuana personality, Ed “NJWeedman” Forchion, is determined to make his dad proud while uplifting the culture in the cannabis community.  The young cannapreneur, under the influence of NJWeedman, has announced the exclusive club residency of Yohan Marley (grandson of Bob Marley) at The Joint of Miami.  The Joint of Miami is a trendsetting, marijuana friendly art and music lounge located in the heart of the city’s popular Wynwood Art District. Yohan Marley ignited his reggae tinged showcases and performances on November 25, Thanksgiving Day, and has bi-weekly engagements scheduled through to March 31, 2022.  The Joint of Miami (https://thejointofmiami.com/), is located at 2010 NW Miami CT.

As the son of Stephen Marley, Yohan’s musical heritage ripples with his iconic reggae lineage.  A descendent of reggae royalty, Yohan Marley has successfully merged contemporary sounds with genres from dancehall, African and world music to create his own impressive discography.  At The Joint of Miami, Yohan will intermingle his full range of harmonious talents with a dynamic delivery of entertainment. His residency will include “AfroTecha” events and “A Night with Yohan Marley” dates. “AfroTecha” events will see Yohan curating evenings that present renowned DJ’s and artists from around the world while “A Night with Yohan Marley” will find the musician either in full concert mode or hosting performances from his special invited guests.

“It’s important to bring an event like this to Miami because Miami is a very distinctive place with innumerable culturally diverse African backgrounds,” explains Yohan Marley.  “Afrobeat is one of the biggest musical forces in the world. As an artist and producer of this music, my mission is to showcase it and I’m very excited that The Joint of Miami shares my passion and vision. My residency will be a dedicated place where not only Afro-Caribbeans, but all people can come and experience the ultimate love vibration of Jamaican dancehall music fused with Afrobeat fused with Afro House fused with Trini Soca and so much more!”

The Joint of Miami officially opened the Fourth of July weekend. As the first cannabis consumer friendly art and music lounge in Wynwood, the location boasts the work of visual artists from across the country as well as local Miami talent featured in the venue’s indoor and outdoor gallery. Nightly entertainment runs the gamut of comedy, spoken word, reggae, hip hop, jazz and even a Grateful Dead cover band. With a full bar and a ‘munchie’ food truck on site, the venue is set up as a haven for cannabis fueled enjoyment.

King “Krefiii” Forchion is carving an impressive niche in Miami’s competitive nightlife scene. Recent club bookings have included KRS-One, Raekwon & Ghostface, Keith Murray, rap diva Rah Digga and Prince Juddah. The Breakfast Club’s DJ Envy will host a special event Saturday, December 11, and a series of art related activities are being planned for the return of the international art fair, Art Basel Miami as well. 

Ed “NJWeedman” Forchion is finally reaping the benefit of decades of marijuana legalization activism. After a history riddled with court cases, jail time and DEA busts, the cult cannabis celebrity has passed on the spoils of his weed war struggles to his children.  While King Forchion oversees The Joint of Miami, his daughters run his NJWeedman’s Joint operations in Trenton, NJ.  

Forchion on the other hand is busy vetting investors for the expansion of his brand. He stays busy speaking on panels and exploring cannabis consultation and franchise opportunities with the intention of branching out to additional locations across the country.

The Joint of Miami is serving as a beautiful oasis for Miami’s cannabis loving community, offering an eclectic art and music haven for connoisseurs and supporters alike.  For more information about The Joint of Miami, get lit at https://thejointofmiami.com/.

Take a puff with NJWeedman and read all about his continued ‘budding’ adventures at https://linktr.ee/NJWeedman

Take a tote with King “Krefiii” Forchion at @kingatthejoint on Instagram.