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East Coast to Celebrate Marijuana by Passing a Joint through 13 States


From Maine to Miami, supporters of the cannabis movement are going to pass a torch east-coast-to-celebrate-marijuanasymbolically shaped as a joint to garner support and show a united front in the fight to legalize marijuana.

It’s organized by the East Coast Cannabis Coalition (ECCC) and the so-called Unity Cypher begins its journey in Portland, Maine on April 14th, making  stops in NH, CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, ME, DC, VA, NC, SC, GA, and FL. Along the way, organizers promise an appearance (and great photo op) at the United National General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) in New York City on April 19 and the National Cannabis Festival in Washington D.C. on April 23.

“Most of the attention in cannabis policy is focused in the four western states that have recently passed legalization measures,” said Kevin Cranford, Unity Cypher organizer and Deputy Director of Maryland NORML. “With Washington D.C. having legalized, and most of the Northeast decriminalized, the East Coast is not far behind. The tour will highlight that citizens in Eastern states are also ready for cannabis policy reform.”

It’s also a rallying call to advance their mission to reschedule cannabis under The Controlled Substances Act.

“What we have is a federal problem when it comes to cannabis, so it makes sense that East Coast states start working together to end federal prohibition and remove cannabis off the Schedule I list of controlled substances,” said Vanessa Maria, coordinator of the ECCC.

Cranford says it’ll look like the Olympic torch, three-feet long and made of fiberglass.

The nearly three-week event will feature local cannabis organizations and advocacy groups highlighting the policy changes that they want to see in their area. Organizers tell The Marijuana Times that they don’t expect any arrests but warn participants that marijuana laws are very different from state-to-state, so smoke at your own risk.

More information about the coastal cannabis cypher and a schedule of events are available on their Group’s Facebook page: facebook.com/eastcoastunitycypher


  1. I would trade in my narcotic pain killers (that are almost impossible to get ,some are ) for Marijuana any day. And why does the DNA let pharmacies charge $ 15 a pill (oxycodone) and I get thrown in jail for smoking some Marijuana for my brain injury ?