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Elevator: The First AI Designed to Answer All Your Cannabis Questions

Image Courtesy of Elevator

Have you ever spent hours on the internet trying to figure out what strain you should use for your migraines, or how much cannabutter to use in your recipe? Or maybe you were trying to help a friend or family member understand medical marijuana and you were looking for some specific information? With all the information out there on the web and all the people still spreading lies and misinformation, it can be hard to find the right information.

The good news is a Vancouver company called Lift Cannabis Co. has designed a smart device that is designed to answer any and all cannabis related questions you may have. The Elevator is a chatbox style device, your “Cannabis Concierge,” as Lift has dubbed it. It is run by an AI that sifts through all the information out there on the internet to bring you the most relevant, most up to date, and most accurate answer to your question.

As you use the Elevator and provide feedback on the information provided, it will learn more about you and be able to provide you information tailored to you specifically. This would mean when searching dispensaries nearby or specific strains it can provide better recommendations in the future as it learns about your personal use of cannabis.

“Cannabis as a legal industry is quite new, yet there’s so much false and misleading information floating around the web about its effects, benefits, and how to access it safely – and if you’re new to medical marijuana it can be really hard to cut through all the noise to get answers specifically tailored for your situation.  

We developed Elevator as a response to this, and we’re harnessing the latest in AI bot technology to give real-time, credible and informative responses. We do the heavy lifting behind the scenes on your behalf, in terms of sorting through and collating only the most credible and up-to-date cannabis information. On top of this, Elevator will remember your questions and its own responses, and the more it learns about you the better it will be able to assist your exploration in the future.”

For anyone who wants to learn more about cannabis or who wants to learn more about the strains they are using and how to use cannabis for the best results for them, this is definitely a piece of technology that would come in handy. It learns from your feedback, which strains worked and which did not – leading it to recommend similar strains in the future and providing you with the most accurate answer to just about any question you can think up; all in one simple, AI-powered, smartphone-style device.