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Strain Review: Pineapple Chunk

A Skunky Sweet Pick Me Up


A favorite among many, Pineapple Chunk is a hybrid between the Cheese (Cheese X Skunk #1) and Pineapple strains and is bred by Barney’s Farm. With a THC content generally around 20-25% and CBD at 1.1%, you get an excellent mixture of effects that make this strain a great choice for most any condition – with a few exceptions of course.

What You Should Expect

This strain definitely gets its looks from the Pineapple parentage, generally producing larger buds that almost resemble the shape of a pineapple itself, with a relatively bright green base color with yellow and orange hairs throughout. The aroma of this strain definitely comes off a bit skunky with undertones of sweet and tangy pineapple, but it isn’t the kind of smell that will let your neighbors know what strain you’re currently toking.

When it comes to breaking down this bud, it is somewhere between fluffy and dense with softer buds that grind up decently. It offers a sweet and earthy taste on the inhale and an even earthier aftertaste. If you are looking for a strain that can provide excellent pain relief throughout the day while also offering a cerebral boost, then Pineapple Chunk might be a good choice. With a relatively high CBD content for a high THC strain, you will find that you get a great mixture of effects with this strain that make it great for early morning and overall daytime use.

Medical Benefits Pineapple Chunk

If you’re using Pineapple Chunk for medicinal purposes, you will find that this is definitely a strain best for medicating in the day as it offers a heavy effect with a boost of energy. It offers many of the effects that you expect from an indica dominant hybrid, including a great painkilling effect, it boosts your appetite, and can relieve depression. This makes it an excellent choice for those who generally require an indica strain but need to be able to work throughout day.

This strain can be finicky to grow, according to some, but it is definitely worth the effort in the long run. The breeder, Barney’s Farm, suggests that this strain should flower in around 55 days – but some home growers have had it take up to 100 days; however, the buds that you get from this strain definitely make the potentially long wait time worth it.

If you have grown or plan to grow this strain I would love to hear about your experience to compare to some of the answers out there!