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Everyone Seems to Want Jeff Sessions Fired, So Why Does He Still Have a Job?


U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not a popular man these days. That’s not to imply that he ever was, but things seem to have gotten worse as of late.

The reasons he is considered a hated enemy by the cannabis community are many and varied, including his constant disparagement of marijuana and the people who consume it and his decision in January to rescind the Cole Memo. But being hated by the cannabis community has never caused a serious threat to Sessions’ position as AG. But his involvement – or lack thereof – in the Trump-Russia collusion probe has put Sessions on thin ice with those in power.

President Trump has gone to his Twitter feed on many occasions to rip Sessions publicly. But, according to Politico, there have been several Senators that have drawn a line with Trump when it comes to firing Sessions, even causing the President to personally lobby them to get them to relent. From Politico:

The president, who has spent a year and a half fulminating against his attorney general in public, finally got traction on Capitol Hill thanks to the growing frustration of a handful of GOP senators with their former colleague – most importantly, Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley and South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham, who have been irritated by Sessions’ opposition to a criminal justice reform bill they support, according to interviews with more than a half-dozen congressional GOP aides, Trump advisers, and Republicans close to the White House.

And either taking their cue from Trump or simply adding fuel to the fire are some of Trump’s favorite Fox News TV personalities; they have gone public recently to lambast the AG over the Russia probe.

“It’s clear Jeff Sessions is more concerned with his career than the good of America. That said, it’s high time President Trump fires his ineffective attorney general,” Eric Bolling, a close Trump friend and a former Fox News personality, told The Daily Beast. And Trump fave Judge Jeanine Pirro also had some choice words for Sessions:

“What don’t you get? Have you no self-esteem, self-regard, self-respect? Where is your dignity? Why would you stay in a job where you’re not wanted?… And why do you continue to stay?” Pirro said in her “Opening Statement” on her program. “You’re so clueless you don’t even know you’re being used. You don’t even know you’re nothing but a shill. In fact, the only constituency that wants you is the ‘Deep State’… Are you proud of yourself?”

It seems Senator Lindsey Graham asked the President to hold off on firing Sessions until after the mid-term elections this November, apparently wanting to minimize an already chaotic situation going into the vote.

In any case, it seems like Jeff Sessions’ days as Attorney General are numbered, and it’s unlikely that many in the cannabis community will be sorry to see him go.