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First of Colorado’s New Class of Weed Couriers are Officially Licensed


A new class of cannabis couriers have officially been licensed in Colorado. Transporters and couriers from Green Parcel Service and Colorado Logistics are the first to be awarded the new transporter licenses for medical and recreational cannabis. These two companies are the very first to secure the licenses, with more expected to come in the future.

Licensed under a law that took effect on July 1st, the license for the new class of couriers provides more rights than they had in the past. The couriers used to be classified as marijuana “vendors”, which was a broad category that encompassed several other ancillary services. A two-year courier license would reportedly cost about $4,400, according to Associated Press. The law also creates a new class of cannabis licenses that allow independent companies to provide logistics, distribution and storage services to licensed retail and medical cannabis dispensaries businesses in Colorado.

Independent couriers can now legally store cannabis on behalf of licensed dispensaries, retail stores, etc. Before, they had to return the product back to the business if they couldn’t make the delivery in the arbitrary window. As long as the courier has communicated the estimated delivery time with the client, why would the state government need to get involved with the delivery window? Regardless, courier companies are pleased with the new law, as they believe it will make their businesses run more smoothly and help enhance the customer experience.

“Allowing independent transporters to store marijuana and marijuana products will create significant efficiencies in the system and can remove the burden of logistics and distribution from cultivators and manufacturers,” Green Parcel Service said in a news release.

Proponents of the new expanded courier licenses say that incremental changes that lead to more freedom of use and distribution of legal cannabis are important steps to take, no matter how seemingly insignificant. Not only that, but it provides couriers with much-needed rights and protections they otherwise wouldn’t have been afforded. Couriers might deliver legal weed to a party, or might deliver medical cannabis oil to a cancer patient. Critics of the licenses say it’s another “tax” on an aspect of the legal cannabis industry, and that transporters and couriers should have already had the right to store a legal product they are responsible for – provided they are within the state’s guidelines for possession amounts.

What do you think about the new courier license law in Colorado? Is it a necessary piece of legislation within the legal cannabis industry, or is it a cash grab from the state?


  1. As far as I’m concerned, this is more of the same types of legislation that has stagnated growth and our economy. The more big government gets involved the more dilapidation and destruction will result. Big government bureaucrats will create more legislation at every turn until the Leeches of Society drain every drop of money possible from the pockets of the producers of the product and create a way to profit from the entire system. They’ll create legislation and disclose the financial probabilities of various aspects associated with the legislation that can and will create secondary business opportunities for their relatives and friends. They may not be able to physically act upon their knowledge independently, but can “inadvertently” disclose the information to a “confidant”. It’s called insider trading in legal legitimate business practices, but We the People shouldn’t expect to be treated equally by our elected officials. When the government gets involved through taxation, waste and theft are to be expected. There’s only question regarding this issue. How much of each will exist and who besides the profit makers will pay the cost ? The answer to the 2nd part of that question is already known. WE THE PEOPLE and especially the producers will be on the receiving end of their love and lust for money. The root of all evil has overtaken our government.