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FlexMOD Solutions Launches CultivationMODs

The Perfect Environments For All Stages of Cannabis Cultivation. Sponsored by FlexMOD.


Though it’s been called a weed, marijuana plants cannot thrive without a great environment. What makes the perfect environment? Growers know it takes the right amount and spectrum of light, the ideal temperature, air circulation, humidity control and the best nutrients… just to name a few key factors.

However, all of those components mentioned have to work together in an ideal facility.

Fortunately for the industry, FlexMOD Solutions just launched its CultivationMODs, which will provide ideal, packaged growing environments to facilitate the startup process so growers can generate revenue in as little time as possible.

Getting cannabis products into the hands of consumers and vendors as soon as possible is a priority. Imagine having the perfect grow environment to make that happen.

Giving members of the industry the ability to outfit warehouse space and/or land quickly with mobile and/or non-mobile GrowMODs can potentially increase yield and profit.

Each prepackaged GrowMOD has been meticulously value engineered by FlexMod’s team of industry experts to offer clients the best possible container cultivation solutions available on the market today.

The FlowerMOD-20 is the answer for a company working within a tight budget and/or leasing its space. This 16×20 model has the best ROI and could pay for itself in as little as 3 harvests.

The FlowerMOD-40 model (16’x40’) is perfect for the company that has lots of space. Several units can be combined side by side or even stacked to create an ideal custom cultivation facility.

In addition to prepackaged units, custom models are available and can be delivered in as little as 8 weeks.

FlexMOD also offers VegMODs, NurseryMODs, accompanying equipment systems and leasing and funding options through its financing partners.

“FlexMOD has made it their mission to support and encourage the members of the cannabis industry by continuing to design and manufacture products that will simplify their clients’ business efforts,” Dano Keys, FlexMOD’s CEO, told The Marijuana Times.  

It will be interesting to see what FlexMOD comes up with next.