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How to Get Medical Marijuana Delivery in San Francisco

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Some things seem too easy to be real, like getting medical marijuana delivery in San Francisco that arrives in less than an hour.

After all, just getting access to medical marijuana is complicated, even in places like California where medical cannabis laws are less restrictive than in other states. Nonetheless, obtaining medical cannabis historically has involved tons of research, car trips, an evaluation by a 420 doctor, more paperwork, and then – finally – investigating dispensaries nearby.

As California law continues to evolve, more and more San Francisco residents are just as pumped about how accessible medical cannabis can be as they are about the relief it provides. It’s becoming easier and easier to access medical marijuana without leaving home and skipping all the lines, car trips, and hassle.

In fact, you can now access Nugg, an online cannabis marketplace that features a huge network of the highest rated delivery services in California. Click here, enter your address, and enjoy instant online ordering from dispensaries in your area!

If a frustration-free experience is what you’re after, look no further! We’re giving you the lowdown on the fastest, most painless process to get a 420 doctor’s medical marijuana recommendation and to get the quality medical cannabis you need, delivered to your door in minutes!

Ready? Let’s go!

How to Order San Francisco Marijuana Delivery Online

Your marijuana delivery options are seemingly limitless in California, but sometimes too much selection can be worse (okay, just a little worse) than a limited selection. How do you know who’s legit and just who isn’t? Who has the good stuff and who price gouges?

The best way to figure this out is by using the California-based online marketplace, Getnugg.com. Here you can compare San Francisco dispensaries’ products and prices, and discover which spot is the best match for you. Then, you can order delivery online from any internet connected device. Magic, right?

That’s, of course, unless you like spending hours running separate online searches, clogging up Google trying to narrow down what you want to buy and where, instead of enjoying the best buds and edibles in San Francisco.

Just visit Nugg to get access to over 150 vetted cannabis delivery providers, see customer ratings, check out specials and narrow it down from there. How easy is using Nugg? It’s as easy as putting in your zip code. That’s right – five keystrokes plus a click and you’re there (and then the delivery comes to you)!

Nugg gives you all the info you need about dispensaries, collectives, and their delivery services in a tidy list. All the intel you need from payment options to products and beyond is laid out in a clean, user-friendly format. From there, all you have to do is choose your products, order, and watch for your delivery. And, for those of you who get a little antsy, Nugg does you one better by providing an ETA of when you can expect delivery, and in some instances you can even track your delivery driver right to your door.

It’s Never Been Easier to Find the Perfect Product

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Whether you know what MMJ product(s) you want or you’re looking for something new, Nugg’s search feature will help. Located at the top of the dispensary list, it’s an easy way to hunt down your favorite brands and products in every category: edibles, flowers, topicals, concentrates, and anything in between.

Are you a not-so-decisive shopper? No clue what you should be buying? The Nugg Blog has you covered! It gives you everything from recommendations and product/brand reviews to breaking cannabis news and other exclusive content that’ll keep you in the know!

I don’t have my doctor’s recommendation or a medical cannabis card, but I’d like to order through Nugg’s dispensary marketplace. How can I make that happen?

No problem! Just visit NuggMD for your med card online and receive a medical evaluation and approval in minutes. You’ll have to renew it annually but no worries, the price remains the same. NuggMD gives you fast access to respected and reputable medical marijuana doctors who can provide you with an entirely legal, fast, and inexpensive doctor’s recommendation and/or MMJ card to access medical cannabis.

That’s right. No research, travel, long waits or surprise costs (we know how those just happen to pop up!). Simply log in and spend 10-15 minutes on NuggMD’s online system where you’ll speak with one of our 420 doctors via video chat or phone. No muss, no fuss! No matter where you are in Cali, the process is the samesimple, fast, and a step closer to the medical cannabis you crave!

NuggMD has even started expanding its service to other states. You can get a New York marijuana certification through the site, and rumor has it they’re expanding to Nevada shortly!

What Requirements do I Need to Meet to Receive Medical Cannabis in San Francisco?

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Proposition 215, also known as the Compassionate Use Act, was passed in 1996 and legalized the sale, use, and possession of medical cannabis in California for patients whose medical conditions could be treated or alleviated by medical marijuana (of course, you must have a  prop 215 card).

The conditions which make you eligible for a medical marijuana evaluation vary widely to include problems like AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, epilepsy, chronic pain, insomnia, migraines, anxiety, along with several other “open” conditions that MMJ can help relieve.

Prospective patients in San Francisco must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid state-issued driver’s license or ID. California also requires a doctor’s recommendation to legally access medical cannabis.

In addition to Prop 215, the Medical Marijuana Act was enacted in 2003 which allowed patients to register in a statewide Medical Marijuana ID Card program. MMJ cards are recognized throughout California and provide an additional form of protection against legal consequences that can sometimes come with the possession, cultivation, and use of medical marijuana.

What If I’d Rather Visit a Dispensary In-Person Than Get Delivery?

We get it – different strokes for different folks! Some people like to visit local dispensaries for a couple of reasons.

One big reason is that your residence isn’t private, and having a cannabis delivery courier ringing your bell may cause unnecessary drama with your neighbors. Others like to visit dispensaries to hang out with the knowledgeable budtenders who can direct you to the best strains, the newest products you must try, and answer your questions; this is an exceptionally educational experience if you’re still new to the bitter herb and want to get your feet wet.

Whether you’re avoiding snooping neighbors or just want to get some knowledge, Nugg can still help you out. Just search on Nugg’s extensive list of fully vetted dispensaries in San Francisco to make sure your bud is not a dud. We’ll direct you to the best medical weed purveyors in the city.

Now, if you’re down with the simplest and fastest delivery, Nugg is leaps-and-bounds the best tool to get your high-quality cannabis into your hot little hands. In all honesty, some dispensaries are a bit inconsistent with their delivery services. Also, all of those comparison searches can get lengthy and involved; you’ll often have to call to make sure your products of choice are stocked and to confirm they’re delivering today. Grimace.

However, with Nugg you can quickly search dispensaries and collectives and compare products and prices in one perfect place. It’s fast and efficient without a lot of extra, unnecessary work.

Nugg and NuggMD have the market locked in San Francisco when it comes to getting quality medical herb quickly and easily. All you need is internet access and a few minutes!

There’s no time like the present! And speaking of presents, new medical cannabis patients who get their initial doctor’s recommendation through NuggMD will receive a $20 credit towards their first delivery order in San Francisco! Sign up today!