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Follow Friday: 420-Friendly Twitter Accounts


1Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson (@GovGaryJohnson) is the two-term governor of New Mexico and the Libertarian candidate for the 2016 presidential elections. This non-interventionist, pro-cannabis politician is the best choice for advancing the marijuana movement on a national scale. He also knows how to use Periscope to stream live on Twitter, which is a plus!

2Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg (@SnoopDogg), OG and musician, his Twitter feed is full of behind the scenes posts of his tour with @wizkhalifa as well as some timely commentary on the race and law enforcement.

3The Marijuana Times

The Marijuana Times (@MarijuanatimesX) is a one-stop-shop for cannabis industry trends, politics, and culture from leaders in the green space. They also post my articles, as I am their Senior Writer. ☺ You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @ChloeCannaNews.


Highfessions (@TheHighFessions) is a hotchpotch of funny, tragic, and sometimes all too relatable stories from mostly marijuana consumers.


The National Cannabis Industry Association (@NCIAorg) is a trade association, representing hundreds of cannabis businesses across the country. They have member-only events, expos, and have quarterly caucuses across the nation to talk about politics, regulations, especially equal access to banking and tax laws.

6Eugene Monroe

Eugene Monroe (@MrEugeneMonroe) is a pro-athlete and medical marijuana advocate. Follow him as he campaigns for research into cannabis as an alternative for opioids and as a neuroprotectant against concussions and CTE.

7Jeff The 420 Chef

Jeff The 420 Chef (@jeff_the420chef) posts holiday-inspired cannabis-infused recipes, and is a big believer in moderation and health when it comes to cooking with cannabis. His first cookbook, The 420 Gourmet: The Elevated Art of Cannabis Cuisine, has cannabutter and canna-oil recipes.

8High NY

High NY (@HighNY_) is a meet up group in New York for cannabis enthusiasts. Whether a new Yorker or just a tourist, knowing where like-minded cannabis supporters are in a state that doesn’t have adult-use laws can be very comforting. Michael Zaytsev, founder of High NY, also has a book out on Amazon, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Cannabis.

9The Marijuana Show

The Marijuana Show (@mjrealityshow) is a reality show where ganjapreneurs compete under the mentorship of industry leaders, to win millions of dollars in investments. Dubbed “The Shark Tank of Cannabis”, the reality show has a loyal audience of 3 million viewers that has brought Season two to more mainstream platforms including; Amazon, ITunes, and Google Play beginning July 8th.

10Rick Steves

Not only is Rick Steves (@RickSteves) a travel pro, but he’s a cannabis advocate! After helping reform marijuana laws in his state of Washington, Rick is now focusing his efforts on Maine’s initiative to regulate marijuana like alcohol. Bonus: He will match every donation up to 50,000 dollars.