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Get Onboard for Hempcrete Workshops

Training for Professional Builders and DIYers


Just as computer software has forced us to learn new methods, the materials that are used as building materials are also evolving. Cement, bricks, additives, timber, steel, polymers, glass and recycled materials have made the building industry a continuous learning process. Manufacturers have been helpful in providing information on different applications in construction, helping companies to better understand the benefits.

Hempcrete is a new form of technology that is rising quickly in popularity. While the production of hemp has been hampered with federal regulations and red tape, the US is moving closer to ending this debacle, and the market for hempcrete is about to burst wide open.

Composition of Hempcrete

Hempcrete can be used to replace OSB, insulation and drywall, with better results. It can also be cast around timber, steel, or concrete frames. Hempcrete provides additional support to the frame and is a great insulator. Lightweight, sustainable, mold resistant, rot resistant, pest resistant and fire resistant, hempcrete offers the optimum in indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

Building Dos and Don’ts with Hempcrete

While this material may sound like the answer to all-around better living, there are areas where hempcrete cannot be used. Pouring hempcrete for foundations, for example, is not recommended due to the biodegradable properties that can break down from excess moisture over long periods of time. However, walls, attics or lofts, underneath floors, plasters, new builds and insulating older homes are great ways to incorporate hempcrete.

Along with understanding the proper way to use hemp, there will also be local regulations set into place that need to be adhered to. Don’t wait until hempcrete hits the market to learn how to incorporate this fascinating material into your building needs. There are workshops available that explain hempcrete in depth for preparation, different uses, and benefits. Go to http://www.hempcreteworks.com/current-workshops.html for more information on current workshops or how to schedule one in your area.