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Green Dot Labs’ Branded Strain Release Marries The Best of Classic Cannabis Flavor Profiles

GDL Picasso

Borrowing the most sought-after attributes from two of its signature varieties, Green Dot Labs has launched Picasso, a “masterpiece” new branded strain release that elevates and reimagines the flavors that true connoisseurs crave. 

Uniting Garlic Banger and Chem Brûlée, this custom-branded strain lives up to its artistic name with a fresh and unexpected interpretation of the classic combination of savory and citrusy notes. Picasso brings the complex gassiness of Garlic Banger (Headbanger x HSB), GDL’s signature interpretation of the savory classic GMO, to the fresh-squeezed, palate-cleansing lemon tang of classic Chem Brûlée (Copper Chem x Lemon Brûlée). The first-ever branded release of Picasso features Black Label Live Resin Cartridges (.5 ml) presented with a custom design on every box that celebrates the strain’s artistry. This Black Label strain drop is the latest result of Green Dot Labs’ obsessive pursuit of new and exciting expressions of the quintessential lemon and gas terpenes familiar to cannabis aficionados. 

“When we release a branded strain, we are showcasing our obsessive commitment to developing the most exciting hash possible, starting with our proprietary genetics and ending with a meticulously produced live resin cartridge or gram,” said Dave Malone, co-founder of Green Dot Labs. “We took the time to create a terrific staple strain for any time of day. We connect with our genetics as works of art that require mastery of craft and creative vision, and like a work of art we hope it inspires new experiences and ideas.”

Green Dot Lab’s signature Black Label extracts are bred, grown and extracted in-house, using rare and exclusive varietals from their in-house genetics library, one of the largest in the world. The Picasso strain features the vivid flavors and effects that define the best of GDL’s Black Label genetic library. 

Enjoyed in the form of a dab on the go from Green Dot Labs’ Black Label Live Resin Cartridge, consumers can enjoy the exotic terpene profiles and rich array of mental effects and wellness benefits that have made Black Label Live Resin the most coveted line of concentrates in Colorado. The convenient, low-profile vaporizer cartridge invites medical patients and adult-use consumers of all experience levels to enjoy the widest selection of single-source, single-strain live resin cartridges available. 

Picasso is available now while supplies last in at select Colorado retailers including the following: Kind Love, A Cut Above, LivWell, Colorado Harvest Company, Medicine Man, Verts Neighborhood Dispensary, Callie’s Cannabis Shoppe, Den-Rec Larimer, Colorado Cannabis Exchange and Silver Stem (Colfax).