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Green Flower Media Presents the Free Virtual Cannabis Startup Summit

Photo Courtesy of Green Flower Media http://greenflowermedia.com/article/cannabis-startup-summit-announcement-2016-3/

One thing I absolutely love about the internet is the ability to learn about absolutely anything – pretty much, at least. I mean, how often does a Google search come up with absolutely zero relevant results? For those seeking an education, the internet can be invaluable – especially if you’re looking to gain an education in a less traditional environment.

Online universities are great for more traditional industries from the medical world to culinary to computer graphics. However, if your interests are a little less traditional – and you’re wanting to break into the cannabis industry in one way or another – then your options for learning what you need to know are also going to be less traditional.

That’s where medical studies and experts come in – and Green Flower Media is one of those companies making these experts and their knowledge available to the rest of us from the comfort of our homes. While they are definitely not the only company doing such a thing, they are one of few offering completely free virtual summits.

The last time Green Flower offered a free virtual summit they were teaching about cannabis and health – this time they are featuring experts in cannabis business startups. So if you’re interested in joining the marijuana industry or already have, but are looking for some free education (and hey, education should be free, should it not?) then you should definitely sign up for the First Virtual Cannabis Startup Summit.

There will be 20+ cannabis industry entrepreneurs, experts, and investors to guide you through breaking into the industry. I can let you know (because I attended the parts of the Health Summit that I could) that it is in real-time. So if you miss out on a segment there is no way to rewind and catch up, unfortunately. It’s really a unique opportunity for cannapreneurs in all stages of business development – not something you want to miss out on!