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Hau Processing Announces Implementation of Leading Industrial-Scale Chromatography Hemp Purification System, Expanding Capacity

Hemp Processor Has Successfully Integrated a Purification System Designed by RotaChrom Technologies in Their Denver Processing Facility

Hau Processing

Hau Processing (“Hau” or the “Company”), a leader in cGMP hemp processing and supplier of bulk ingredients such as distillate and isolate, announced today the successful implementation of the rCPC and pCPC chromatography purification systems designed by RotaChrom Technologies (“RotaChrom”), the developer of the world’s first industrial-scale Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC) technology platform, at its new Denver facility. The systems will play an integral role in the scaling of capacity and quality control measures applied to the Company’s hemp-derived bulk ingredient products such as cannabidiol (CBD) isolate and distillate.

The new systems installed are RotaChrom’s leading chromatography solutions for purification of botanical extracts using CPC technology. The Company implemented two RotaChrom systems at the facility. The first is the pilot-scale rCPC system, which is ideal for minor cannabinoid purification and refinement of scalable methodologies of extract purification. The second is the production-scale pCPC system, which has 10 times the throughput of the rCPC equipment and includes RotaChrom’s auxiliary SKID infrastructure that automates the purification process from solvent preparation to recycling. Also included as a part of the system is a customized solvent recovery equipment designed by Heidolph Instruments, which uses evaporative technology to decrease the consumption of solvents in the system, creating a more cost-effective and sustainable approach to solvent use. 

“We believe that integrating RotaChrom’s state-of-the-art systems at our facility will be a true competitive advantage for us,” said Thanh Hau CEO of Hau Processing. “Our customers demand consistent purity and quality in our non-detectable distillate products, and chromatography is the leading way to achieve this; however, there are not many industrial-scale solutions available. RotaChrom’s systems are scalable, and having both the rCPC and pCPC systems integrated into our production chain allows the versatility to quickly react to the evolving hemp market and pivot our production in a way that is cost effective and will keep us ahead of the curve. The solvent remediation capabilities of the pCPC system are in a class of their own, whereas other systems require piecemeal solutions with little guarantee of integrability.”

“We are honored to have our systems be an integral part of Hau Processing`s supply chain and will continue to act as partners in its ongoing success,” said RotaChrom North America Vice President of Product Development Zoltan Peresztegi. “We not only manufacture our systems but provide ongoing support to our customers as needed, from implementation to refinement. Hau has a reputation of being a leader in the space, and we believe that adding our systems to their facility will only further that position.” 

Hau’s hemp processing facility is compliant with current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) and is fully integrated with large-scale manufacturing capabilities. The Company offers a full solution for hemp processing from extraction of biomass using a refined method of cryogenic ethanol extraction through final purified product using RotaChrom’s chromatography system. The Company’s products include cannabinol (CBN) distillate, CBD isolate powder, full-spectrum CBD distillate, and non-detectable broad spectrum CBD distillate. For more information on Hau Processing, visit our website at HauProcessing.com/. For more information about RotaChrom Technologies, visit RotaChrom.com/.