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Hemp Offers a Solution to Unfriendly Cat Litter


If you own a cat, chances are you have a litter box. But, did you know that litter made out of clay is harmful to the environment in more ways than one? Here are some facts and solutions for cat lovers everywhere.

Facts about Clay Litter:

  1. In the US, bentonite clay, used for cat litter, is strip mined in Wyoming. Strip mining leaves areas barren of forests and contributes to the destruction of agricultural areas.
  2. Bentonite clay, when properly removed from the ground, is a valuable source for removing toxins from all living things. However, few areas have access to bentonite clay and it is used mainly for the manufacture of litter, limiting the beneficial properties to many.
  3. Clay litter contains silica dust, which is classified as a carcinogen according to California’s Proposition 65. Clumping cat litter can be dangerous to an animal’s digestive system from this dust when ingested.
  4. Clay litter is not biodegradable. Placing clay litter in a plastic bag and tossing in the garbage adds to mounting garbage in landfills.

There are new, biodegradable cat litters on the market today. Biodegradable cat litter can be made from a variety of un-litter-like substances, including wheat, corn, dried wood, grass, or even recycled newspapers. Finding one that your cat likes, however, is another hurdle. Wood chips can get between their toes and large pellets are not usually desirable.

Hemp litter pellets are both kitty-friendly and biodegradable. With a high absorption rate, paws stay cleaner and return visits have been noted through testing in other countries. Hemp is also great at trapping odors and lasts much longer than alternative natural litters. Because hemp is grown without pesticides, hemp kitty litter makes an excellent compost material.

Hemp cat litter pellets are just beginning to enter the U.S. market for an alternative to clay litter. Available in Australia and Canada, this product substitute has made significant gains in keeping a greener environment while satisfying your cat’s needs.