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High Times partners with Ginger Commerce to Establish the Largest Direct-To-Consumer Footprint in California

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High Times recently announced its partnership with Ginger Commerce for direct-to-consumer (DTC) delivery. The partnership combines Ginger’s proprietary e-commerce software and brand-forward business model with High Time’s expansive delivery network throughout California to create the largest DTC offering in the state of California. 

Direct-to-consumer delivery in the cannabis industry has quickly grown into a dominating revenue channel for businesses, and some of California’s top brands such as THC Design, Beezle, and Tyson 2.0, are using the Ginger platform to enable their DTC service. With DTC, brands have unprecedented access and ownership of their customers’ data, and receive significantly better margins than in the traditional retail environment, or on 3rd party marketplace delivery websites.

“Ginger is excited to partner with one of the most well known and respected brands in our industry. Combining Ginger’s innovative tech and High Times reach across California, we know that we’re bringing tremendous value to brands and making DTC more accessible for consumers,” stated Roie Edery, founder/CEO of Ginger. “With their renowned media outlet and Cannabis Cup events, High Times’ reach enhances Ginger’s offering to its client brands by providing them exciting new channels to reach more customers. We’re looking forward to the impact our unique partnership will have on the industry as we  pursue our  mission to become the largest DTC company in the U.S.”

Unlike other DTC companies, who operate a competitive internet marketplace alongside their customer brands’  DTC website, Ginger is the competition-free direct-to-consumer e-commerce solution available in the state to date. 

“At THC Design, we’ve wanted to offer DTC sales for some time, but we struggled to find a viable solution that would give us full control over our sales funnel as well as complete ownership of our data– until we found Ginger. But what originally looked like the perfect solution to our DTC conundrum somehow just got better. With this new partnership with High Times, we’ll now be able to offer our products on-demand to nearly everyone in California, and that’s a huge win for us,” Ryan Jennemann, Founder / CEO of THC Design. 

“We’re witnessing a huge shift in the industry’s ability to communicate with their consumers. While quality delivery has been an important part of our foundation since we decided to directly touch the plant, we believe by partnering with Ginger Commerce, we’re able to provide a whole new world of value to our partners, enhancing brand offerings from every angle.” states Paul Henderson, CEO of High Times. “We’re confident this partnership will redefine the standards of direct-to-consumer offerings for the entire cannabis industry.”