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Holiday Gift Ideas for The Cannabis Enthusiast

Boost Oxygen

From the wake and bake diehards to the novice CBD gummie poppers, the marijuana industry is on the rise! Clothing, drinks, gadgets and gizmos, we’ve rounded up some Mary Jane approved brands to help you get your toke on. 

Boost Oxygen: Enhance your experience with Boost Oxygen – portable 95% pure supplemental oxygen that can help you hold your breath longer. Using supplemental oxygen regularly can increase what scientists call “VO2 max” (or “maximal oxygen uptake”) which is the measurement of the maximum amount of oxygen a person can utilize. Boost Oxygen is an all-natural and healthy respiratory support with no side effects!

Lavley 420 Socks: Weed like to introduce our 420 socks! The design features pot leaves, joints, bongs and peace signs in rasta colors. Showcased on the bottom of the socks is a funny message written in non-slip ink: “I’m Not as Think as You Stoned I Am.” It’s a great gift for pot smokers, 420 aficionados and ganja gourmets. Proudly flaunt them during 420 or gift them to your friends and family as a birthday present or stocking stuffer. Any occasion is a great excuse to chill out with some comfy socks and a joint 😉 The stoner in your life will be sure to appreciate them! Lavley socks are designed to hold up for years of wears and washes without fading while remaining soft, comfortable, and well-fitting.

Mother Nutrient Hemp Oil Gummies: Experiencing stress and anxiety regularly can affect overall health and ability to function. Hemp oil, which is high in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, has been known to help reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress. Achieve a more balanced mood by adding hemp gummies to your supplemental routine. THC-free and nutrient-dense with omega-3, 6 & 9, vitamins, minerals.

Geekey: Multitool that functions as a smoking pipe! Geekey lets you discreetly enjoy your favorite legal indulgence through the use of its built-in pipe. Whether you’re out in nature, enjoying a friend’s company, or just kicking back on a Sunday afternoon, you’ll always be equipped. Geekey has a 7/16 inch bowl with a mouthpiece exiting the small tip of the tool. This innovative, compact tool has 16+ functions to help you tackle those common, everyday problems. TSA-compliant serrated edge and handy scoring tip, a bike spoke wrench for those off the grid rides, and even a bottle opener.

Feel Good Edibles CBD Infused Gummies: Feel Good Edibles combines natural extracts, fruit nectars, sweeteners, and U.S. grown hemp within their gummy candies to promote a relaxed state of mind. After you enjoy the mouth-watering fruity flavors, experience a wave of positive emotions and beat everyday stress without intoxicating your body. The pure CBD in each gummy is extracted using a safe, and environmentally-friendly process called Supercritical CO2 extraction. This system is proven to yield fresh, clean, and aromatic oil without the compromise of toxins or solvents. CBD is independently lab tested and all products are pharmacist-formulated in the USA. Despite Feel Good Edibles’ mellowing effects, the gummies are THC-free. Products come in two different strengths: 300 and 600 mg, providing 10 or 20 mg of CBD per gummy.

Fortress Water: The only CBD Water that blends premium botanicals with 5 mg of pure, bioavailable CBD. The 8.5 ph alkaline water metabolizes nutrients more effectively while hydrating better. Relax, while THC free, and keep your body properly nourished. 

Smelly Proof Bags: Designed to create an “ecosystem” that blocks vapors and oxygen from entering or exiting the nylon reinforced FDA Approved Poly. Smelly Proof bags, whether the smallest to largest, come with a double-track zipper ensuring the tightest seal possible.

Smelly Proof bags can be used in just about any situation where you need to keep something smelly out of the air. Smelly Proof is the product of choice for many dispensaries but also offers so much more. With so many different sizes to choose from, you can find a bag for all kinds of smelly items.