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How Floyd’s of Leadville is Creating the Most Diverse Line of CBD Products for Athletes

CBD Quality, Transparency and Product Options Key to Growth

Floyds of Leadville

In the sometimes-confusing landscape of the burgeoning CBD market, Floyd’s of Leadville stands out for their commitments to transparency, independent testing and offering the widest range of CBD products for people living an active lifestyle.

Of particular note is the fact that Floyd’s of Leadville publishes Certificate of Analysis (COA) data for their products to provide independent verification of their labeling. This is in contrast to many companies that do not list the CBD content of their products, let alone providing independent lab test results to verify labeling as Floyd’s does.

Publishing COA data serves to confirm Floyd’s labeling of the contents and potency of their products. For CBD isolates, a COA should confirm the absence of various other cannabinoids and show the CBD concentration of the product. For full-spectrum CBD products, a COA will show the amounts of other cannabinoids present in the product.

This is important in the context of a largely unregulated market where terms like “high CBD,” “CBD-rich” and “Broad Spectrum” are used loosely and hard data is often hard to find.

Furthering their commitment to quality, all Floyd’s of Leadville products are made from sustainably farmed, non-GMO hemp. Floyd’s works with farmers to help them grow the highest quality high-CBD hemp and refines CBD products into a variety of concentrations and dosage options so that users can find the formula which works best for them.

Floyd’s offers CBD products in various forms, including gelcaps, gummies, balms, hydration and recovery drink mixes, tablets, and tinctures. Products are available in a variety of dosage options from 5mg to over 150mg of CBD per serving in both full-spectrum and isolate varieties.

Floyd’s third-party verification of their products’ potency and purity, along with an ever-expanding product variety helps CBD users to maximize the health benefits of CBD. This tandem focus on transparency and product quality have made Floyd’s of Leadville the clear leader in athlete-focused CBD products.