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How to Build Your Own Cannabis Garden on a Budget

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For unknown reasons, people tend to believe that growing cannabis is extremely expensive and reserved to rich people and big companies. However, the truth is entirely different; it’s called weed for a reason, and it’s not only a secret nickname from the times when cannabis was illegal. It is possible to incorporate marijuana into your garden on a budget; after all, it had been grown by people for thousands of years before it was banned only 100 years ago. 

And it’s certainly worth going back to growing cannabis. Only remember that, as a private grower, you are forbidden from selling it.

So how can you approach this?


The light is essential for all kinds of plants. The best possible and the most-affordable light is the sunlight. However, it’s not always available. You can only afford to entirely depend on the sunlight if you live in a mild climate, don’t experience freezing temperatures and abrupt changes in the weather. The rest of the growers need to rely on greenhouses, cold frames and indoor gardens. 

The majority of the best grow lights in Canada are LED lights because they are not only efficient but also cheaper to buy and to maintain (they don’t need to be kept from overworking or overheating). You can get a whole set for as low as $50. However, regular LED lights can’t penetrate the plants at the same level as sunlight, which can make buds fluffier, so a lot of growers use them as secondary lights or invest in something more expensive, e.g., HIDs for indoor gardens.

Air Circulation and Temperature

The air around your plants needs to be clean and fresh to maintain the environment healthy, especially that any kind of light is providing the plants with heat. The cheapest option is to buy regular, even second-hand fans for intake and exhaust. If you add your own hand-made carbon filter to neutralize the characteristic smell of cannabis, you will be all set. 

Then, you will need to think about nighttime, when temperatures tend to drop, and your plants may need heating. Heating equipment may seem excessive, but it will be worth it, and it will allow your weeds to flower and thrive.


As cannabis is not at all demanding when it comes to water, tap water will be more than enough for your little garden. Experts recommend letting the water sit out for a day, though, to level its pH and balance its temperature. But if you want an even cheaper solution, you can consider collecting rainwater – it costs nothing, and it contains more nutrients than tap water. 

Grow Medium

The most common grow medium for cannabis is soil; it’s also the most affordable choice. You may use the ground that can be found in your backyard, but you will most likely need something to nourish it, e.g., compost. You can consider buying ready-to-use products or compose your own soil with, for example, peat moss, worm castings, and perlite. 

You can also buy nutrients explicitly prepared for cannabis and edibles. As it is a plant to be consumed by you and your closed ones, you wouldn’t like to treat it with any kind of chemicals. 


You can buy seeds online for as low as $5 each, and it may seem costly, but you need to know what you’re buying. Make sure that the chosen seeds are of high quality, and you won’t need to buy a lot of them, as once they grow into a strong plant, they can be cloned. Pay attention to the brand names, look for reputable breeders and check their reliability.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, growing cannabis doesn’t have to be expensive nor difficult; basically, anyone can do it. So if you think you could use some weed in your household, whatever the reason, don’t let any minor obstacles stop you. Consider an indoor garden first, as you will be more in control of the environment, and you have a better chance of growing high-quality weed.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to reflect the specific views of the publication.