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How to Buy Cannabis Seeds Legally in the UK

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If you have had queries on how to get ahold of cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom, great news – it has become easier to purchase them. However, it is not always clear what is within the limits of the law and what is not. The law may seem a little murky and confusing when it comes to the purchasing of cannabis seeds. It has been a controversial subject in respect to its legality and how people use it, so it is important for buyers to be familiar with the existing laws. However, in light of all this, cannabis seeds are actually legal to have, buy, sell or trade in the United Kingdom. It is even legal to purchase the seeds over the counter in some leading shops and you may actually post to and from to a United Kingdom address at your convenience. 

This has been made easy by the signing of a treaty following a convention on Narcotic drugs in 1962.This important international treaty, which takes precedence over national law, determined that marijuana is illegal but not its seeds. Nevertheless, there is a very big BUT that can sometimes be a grey area; the liability of purchasing cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom depends on what the intent is. It is not legal to germinate the seeds or to grow marijuana or to use cannabis. If it is proven that the seeds you’ve purchased are to be used with the intentions above or to sell marijuana, heavy penalties could be incurred.

There are certain precautions that you should take if you’re planning to buy or possess the seeds. You ought to know that the utilization, growth and sale of marijuana in the United Kingdom is illegal. In addition to this, you should make it clear that the seeds are only meant to be used for purposes that are not in direct relation to breaking the law. You may purchase the cannabis seeds that you are only allowed to use as fish bait, bird food and collectors’ items.

With the legal implications clear and concise, how do you actually purchase the cannabis seeds? Below are some guidelines that I hope you’ll find useful 

  • Let it be Your Secret

You may be tempted to share your plans with your friends or family about your intention to purchase cannabis seeds. This may be due to excitement that you actually can purchase the seeds. My advice would be to be silent about it as it is no secret that most people wanting to purchase cannabis seeds want to grow their own marijuana. Just state the above reasons on the stipulated use of cannabis seeds by the law when actually purchasing them from your vendor. This will not draw any unnecessary attention to you by the authorities.

  • Follow the Stipulated Regulations on the Purchase of the Seeds

With regards to the legalities of purchasing cannabis seeds, it’s prudent to only use them within the parameters of the law. The real question is, how will the authorities find out how you are going to use the marijuana seeds? Well, there is no definitive answer to this as you may not actually be escorted to your place of residence by the authorities. In case you are caught with marijuana seeds, there are various legal processes that you’ll have to go through to give proof that they will not be used for cultivation. 

  • Buy Only from Authorised and Trusted Vendors

For the purpose of convenience and anonymity, you may want to purchase from a random dealer online. This is highly discouraged as you have to conduct thorough background research on the vendor. This is to ascertain the legitimacy of the business and if they conform to the United Kingdom’s laws with regards to the sale of cannabis seeds. What’s more, you will want to be guaranteed of the seed quality. This is because approved cannabis seed vendors have a wide array of seed varieties which ensures that you purchase the precise strain of seeds you need. In addition to this, you will be accorded professional services and the transaction process will remain confidential.

  • Confidentiality is Key

When trying to purchase cannabis seeds online, you are encouraged to withhold your personal information. This is because your personal information could be accessed by unsavoury characters adept at all manners of cybercrime. You may also be flagged by authorities because of the nature of your purchase, hence the risk of being arrested and subsequently being prosecuted. Also, you may never know if you’re dealing with a real vendor or a criminal posing as one. You really don’t want to risk it, therefore, to stay on the safe side when purchasing the cannabis seeds:

  1. Refrain as much as possible from only purchasing the seeds online. There are various vendors in the United Kingdom who have been licensed to sell the seeds. It is safer to transact with someone you can see and choose the variety and strain of cannabis seeds you want.
  2. When transacting, never use your personal credit card. Opt to pay in cash instead or use a business credit card whose attached address does not belong to you.
  3. When transacting online, never use your real email address. Create a new email address for the purpose of online transactions using a nickname.
  4. However, when shipping from overseas suppliers, you are encouraged to use your real name and email address. This will ensure that you get your package and also alleviate suspicion from the authorities who may be prompted to open your package.

In Conclusion

You may have little experience or this may be your first time trying to buy cannabis seeds, the entire process may seem overwhelming and blurry. However, you should not be discouraged provided you follow the tips listed above and adhere to the stipulated laws on their use, and you will have no hitches in the purchase of cannabis seeds. Whether you’re looking for cheap (autoflowering) cannabis seeds, feminized seeds or exotic blueberry Kush species there are authorised vendors ready to meet your needs. You only have to perform due diligence with regards to the legitimacy of your preferred vendor.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to reflect the specific views of the publication.