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How to Roll CBD Joints: A Beginner’s Guide

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Around 33% of American adults have tried CBD.

This proves CBD’s popularity regardless of whether you’re taking CBD-infused gummy bear, a tincture, or smoking a joint. If you’re keen about rolling CBD joints but you aren’t sure how to do it, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s how to start rolling CBD joints.

Before You Roll

If you’re unsure how to roll a joint, pick apart the larger bits of hemp with your fingers and then pour the remnants into your grinder so it gets finely ground. Pro tip: make sure you pick out the stems first!

Don’t have one? You can use scissors or even break the nugs down by hand so you’re left with tiny bits of CBD flower which you sprinkle into the joint. 

Filters aren’t mandatory but they prevent loose hemp from getting into your mouth when you inhale. It’s often made from thick paper like a business card but many rolling papers come complete with a mouthpiece. If not, roll a strip of cardstock into a small spiral and you’ve got a filter.   

You should also be mindful of the rolling paper you use. For instance, hemp rolling paper is sturdy and easy to roll to make the process easier for you. A bonus is they have a mild flavor so it doesn’t compromise the taste of your joint.

Once you’ve comfortable with rolling, upgrade to rice rolling papers as they’re more delicate and thin. Many CBD enthusiasts choose this type because they burn slow and smooth, so you can enjoy a relaxing smoke.

How to Roll CBD Joints

There are no two ways to roll a joint so practice and see which comes easier to you. After all, individualizing a technique makes the process more enjoyable especially when you use CBD to quit smoking cigarettes

Here’s how to start rolling a CBD joint.

Open Your Rolling Paper 

Grab your CBD rolling papers and open one lengthwise. Make sure the sticky side of the paper is facing you so it’s easier to seal the joint later on. Depending on which hand you use, decide which end will have the filter. For instance, if you’re right-handed then place the filter on the left side.

Fill Your Joint With CBD Flowers

Sprinkle the CBD flower into your joint while holding down the mouthpiece. Once you’ve filled the paper with enough CBD hemp flowers, often half or a full gram, then the shape will fall into place. Try to fill the rolling paper evenly so the CBD flowers are the same height as the filter. But keep a space at the end so you can twist the joint shut.

Shape Your Joint

Use your fingers to shape the joint. To do this, hold the joint between your index finger and thumb then, starting closest to the filter, gently roll the CBD flower back and forth so you eventually get a tight cone shape. 

When the shape is forming, move your fingers along the length of the joint so the CBD is packed tight and you enjoy a smooth smoke.

Seal the Joint

When the CBD flower is evenly distributed and you’re happy with the shape, it’s time to seal the joint.

The sticky side of the rolling paper should be furthest from you. Next, roll the unglued side over the CBD buds and tuck it under the sticky side. Roll the unglued side over the CBD flower and tuck it under the sticky side. The goal is to tuck it as tight as possible so the joint doesn’t fall apart when you smoke. 

It’s important to lick the sticky part of the paper carefully and then roll the rest of the joint upwards until it’s completely sealed.

Pack the Joint

You’re almost there!

The joint should be rolled with the end open. To fix this, use a pencil to poke the CBD flower down so you get enough space in the paper to close the joint. Plus, packing the CBD enhances the joint’s cone shape.

Twist the End

Once the CBD is compact, pinch the end of the joint and twist it so it’s fully sealed. It may take several tries to have the perfect joint because how it’s rolled determines the smoke. For instance, if it’s too loose then the joint will burn too quickly. But when it’s too tight, it’s difficult to get a decent pull.

Although the process is frustrating as a beginner, be patient, and keep practicing!

Spark It Up

There are different ways to light your joint. You can either spark it like a cigarette where you dangle it in your mouth, hold the flame up to it, and inhale. But if you’re not careful, it could result in an uneven burn and the joint may canoe. 

For the perfect burn, hold the CBD joint in your hand and bring the flame slowly to the end so it’s partially alight. Then turn the joint in circles until it burns on its own.

That’s How to Roll CBD Joints

Now you know how to roll CBD joints.

Hemp paper is the best for beginners and make a filter so loose CBD doesn’t fall into your mouth as you smoke. You must carefully shape the joint, make sure it’s tight along the joint, and seal it correctly.

Before you can smoke, compact the CBD flower with the end of a pencil and then twist the end so you get the perfect joint. Keep practicing until you’re confident with your rolling. Happy smoking!

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to reflect the specific views of the publication.